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IAMUWM: Laurie Bell
UWM men's soccer team captain and journalism student Laurie Bell says a busy schedule gives him success on and off the field.
IAMUWM: Kayla Price
With volleyball season in full swing Kayla Price still makes time to visit UWM's Student Accessibility Center which helps her succeed in her Educational Studies major.
IAMUWM: Kelly Lewers
As the 2013 Horizon League Player of the Year, Kelly Lewers begins her 4th season on the UWM soccer team.
IAMUWM: Chara Yu
Eclectic? Inviting? Of course! Chara Yu celebrates UWM's status as the most diverse campus in the UW System.
IAMUWM: Tyler Raphael
Meet up with Tyler Raphael in the field as the UWM undergrad researcher works to create a mathematical model for phytoplankton cell death.
IAMUWM: Mike Sportiello
Mike Sportiello and a team of UWM students are running the only TEDx event in Milwaukee this year. #tedxuwmilwaukee
IAMUWM: Chelsea Weirich
Hop on a boat with UWM Zilber School of Public Health student Chelsea Weirich. The goal of her research: Keeping drinking water safe.
IAMUWM: Cherise Beardsley
Her job takes her around the world, but UWM School of Education online courses mean Cherise Beardsley never has to miss a "class."
IAMUWM: Jesse Vang
Jesse Vang's passion for health and fitness led him to UWM's kinesiology program. Meet up with Jesse at his summer internship at the Southwest YMCA of Milwaukee.
IAMUWM: Briana Mercado
For Chicago native and UWM student Briana Mercado summer is all about enjoying Milwaukee's eclectic restaurants, shops and events. We caught up with the Journalism, Advertising & Media Studies major at Bayshore Town Center.
IAMUWM: Arturo Adán García
Skate around Milwaukee's East Side with Arturo Adán García. The Minnesota native now calls UWM his second home.
IAMUWM: Tyler Litts
Meet up with Tyler Litts and friends at Bradford Beach - an easy walk or bike ride from UWM and "the place to be" for students.
IAMUWM: Samantha Hurkmans
In Nairobi, Kenya, access to books is often a privilege only for the wealthy, but UWM scholarship recipient Samantha Hurkmans bonded with young students over a love of reading.
IAMUWM: Camille Ridgeway
Camille Ridgeway traveled a few blocks to UWM and across the world for her education. Her scholarship helped make her dreams come true.
IAMUWM: Knox Gainer
Not only did UWM's Knox Gainer receive a scholarship from Northwestern Mutual, he also got an internship there to work with stock analysts and traders.
IAMUWM: Isis Lozano
Isis Lozano is a first-generation college student driven by diversity. She accepted a job in the Heart Failure Unit at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center before even graduating from UWM.
IAMUWM: Michael Wilson
From UWM to CHW: Michael Wilson turned an internship into his dream job at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.
IAMUWM: Aubree Park
From UWM to HGA: Aubree Park drafted an internship into a permanent position at HGA Architects and Engineers.
IAMUWM: Abdulrahman Alsultan
Through his UWM research on wind turbines as an alternative power source, Abdulrahman Alsultan hopes to make the world cleaner and safer for future generations.
IAMUWM: Lily Chapman
Meet up with Lily Chapman in Mexico where she and a group of UWM student researchers are studying the effects of acid rain on ancient ruins.
IAMUWM: Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee used his experience in the harsh, unforgiving environment of Antarctica as the inspiration for his paintings and UWM Peck School of the Arts Master's thesis.
IAMUWM: Karthik Palaniappan
Having grown up around computer engineers in India, Karthik Palaniappan followed his curiosity and excitement about electrical engineering to UWM's PhD program.
Yuan "Norah" Gao came to UWM five years ago to study accounting. She is now completing the master's program while working at Johnson Controls in international tax.
IAMUWM: Leticia Costa
Leticia Costa traveled to UWM from Brazil to study nursing. Her biggest surprise? The cold!
IAMUWM: Dayton Hamann
In addition to playing in a rock group in his hometown, UWM's Dayton Hamann is also a part of the Architecture LLC where he gets the chance to work, live, and support other architecture students in a normally competitive field.