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BATO 2012-13 News Archive

Summer Session/Services Appointments (5/9/13)

This year we are sending summer 2013 contracts via email to employees who were payrolled for the spring 2013 semester. All new employee contracts will be mailed out with the additional paperwork included. 

Please look for your summer contract from "Bato Front Desk" <> in the near future.

Questions?  For SOE, contact Tanya Depp at  For HBSSW, contact Chris Cigale at

Fiscal Year End 2013 Deadlines for Accounting Services (4/10/13)

June 30, 2013 marks the end of fiscal year 2012-13. The campus Purchasing Office has set a number of deadlines to close out the year. In order to meet these deadlines, BATO needs time to process forms and handle other administrative tasks on your behalf. We cannot guarantee that documents will be processed in time to meet the campus-level deadlines if not submitted to BATO by the dates listed below: 

April 12- Requisitions over $25,000 for items or services not on contract.

April 19 - Requisitions over $5,000 for items or services not on contract.

May 17Requisitions $5,000 and under.

May 17Requisitions for items or services on contracts.

 *Please note that requisitions received after the above dates will be entered as fiscal year 13/14 requisitions.

Questions? Contact Jill Baum in BATO at or ext. 7220

Chapman/Enderis Parking Lot Partial Closure (3/12/13)

There will be a closure of part of the Chapman/Enderis Parking LotstartingFriday, March 15, 2013. This is necessary for the Utility Lateral Replacement Project, DFD# 10J1Z-02. This will replace buried steam and chilled water lines in this area.

At this time parking spaces along the North and East side will be affected. The first phase of this project will be for the chilled water piping replacement and will last sometimeinto April. This will then be followed by the steam piping replacement phase, with a slightly different construction boundary, which will last through the summer into
August 2013. Handicap, Chancellors, and other special parking stalls will be relocated and marked accordingly. *See posted signs in parking lot.

Questions? Contact Tanya Depp, Building Chair at

Revised Criminal Background Check Policy (3/11/13)

Effective March 1, 2013, UWM implemented a newly revised Criminal Background Check (CBC) policy to comply with Board of Regents directives.

The two major changes are:

1) All existing employees who hold a position of trust with access to minor children who are not enrolled at a UW institution must have a CBC conducted every four years.

2) No employment group can be considered exempt from the CBC policy and, thus, the CBC Exemption Form can no longer be used for any employment category.

Other items to note:

·All new employees must have an approved CBC on file prior to the first day of work.

·A new hire is someone who has not previously worked at UWM. UWM employees who have return to their position after a break in service of one year or more are also considered new hires.

·If currently employed elsewhere at UWM, we can obtain a copy of a current CBC result if one was conducted in that unit.

·All CBCs must be processed through BATO. Running a check yourself through CCAP or similar system is not sufficient.

Questions? Contact Erica Yewlett at

New Form I-9 (3/11/13)

Effective3/8/13, a new Form I-9 was released by the Department of Homeland Security with an expiration date of 3/31/2016. This replaces the Form I-9 with an expiration date of 8/31/12. Please discard any outdated blank forms you may have in your offices.  Since all Form I-9s are sent from and completed in BATO, no blank forms should be kept in departments. 

Questions? Contact Erica Yewlett at

If You See Something Say Something Awareness Campaign (3/4/13)

In July 2010, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched a national "If You See Something, Say Something" public awareness campaign –a simple and effective program to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and violent crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper state and local law enforcement authorities.

To augment the national “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign, the Wisconsin Fusion Centers have institutedWiWATCH to provide a portal to educate the public and provide a means to report suspicious activity. A critical element of the missions of the Wisconsin Fusion Centers is ensuring that the civil rights and civil liberties of persons are not diminished by our security efforts, activities, and programs. Consequently, the "WiWATCH" campaign respects civil rights and liberties by emphasizing behavior, rather than appearance, in identifying suspicious activity.

You can report Suspicious Activity by phone or on-line. See the below link for contact info and the directonlinesubmission link.

Accounts Payable Website Update (1/24/2103)

Campus Accounts Payable has updated ALL of their procedures and forms on the BFS Website.  Some of the procedures/forms that used to be located under Accounting Services have been moved to Accounts Payable.  Some forms have been redesigned and the procedures were updated. Please take note of the clarification of the following items that were expanded upon in the procedures for the Direct PaymentsPIR's andASSA's.

Questions? Contact Jill Baum at or 229-7220

Updated ASSA Policy 5.4.2 (10/1/12)

The Updated ASSA Policy 5.4.2 has been published.  It can be found in the Accounts Payable Procedures on the BFS website. The Checklist, Flowchart, and Signature Authority can be found on the website under Accounts Payable forms.

Questions? Contact Jill Baum at or 229-7220

Tax Exemption (9/17/12)

Travelers seeking tax exemption in Wisconsin should carry the "NEW" laminated tax excemption wallet card and present the card upon check-in at hotels or when picking up a rental car. 

Tax exemption is furnished to guests of the University, only if the room is paid by UWM.  Guests who pay for their own rooms are not eligible for the exemption. 

New laminated cards are available in the BATO office.  All previously used paper cards should be destroyed.  Employees are responsible for turning in the laminated card when they leave university employment or no longer need to use the card for Wisconsin travel purposes.

Tax exemption is prohibited for personal use. For the completed tax exemption policy please refer to

Questions? Contact Jill Baum at or 229-7220

Enderis Hall Parking – Fall Welcome Events (9/4/12)

As the last vehicles leave the parking lot onThursdaynight (9/6/12), the lot will be closed in order to allow for the proper time to set these activities.  This event will include a stage area, various interactive activities, and free food to be provided to students through a voucher system. The stage area will have amplified music starting around 2pm for sound checks and from 3pm-6pm for the actual event. Additionally, the First Friday activities that have traditionally occurred in the JoJo's space on the Summerfest Grounds will be hosted in Chapman Hall, using the Regents Room and adjacent spaces. Another important piece of information for all of you is that Hartford Avenue will be closed after 3:00pm on Thursday due to this event. If you need special parking arrangements onSeptember 7th, please contactt Nelson Ogbuagu byThursday morning.

Campus Dialing Instructions Concerns (8/31/12)

CenturyLink has replaced AT&T as UWM's long-distance carrier. With this change, it is more important than ever to use correct dialing procedures. Failure to do so will increase telephone charges for your departments. To keep call costs at a minimum it is important to:
Dial 8 for Long Distance & Directory Assistance

Dial 9 for Local & Toll-free (8xx) calls

Absence Management Concerns (8/31/12)

The UW Service Center (UWSC) has informed us that due to a programmatic error sick leave balances have been zero’d out.As the UWSC continues to work on this challenge they have informed us that earning statements cannot be corrected, however, employees should see their balances after the next payroll calc.

Questions?  For SOE, contact Tanya Depp  For HBSSW, contact Chris Cigale at

Denemark Lounge Renovation Update (8/28/12)

Food Services has reopened in the Denemark Lounge. In addition to past menu items, they will be offering pizza every day from 10:00 to 1:00 pm along with made to order wraps and paninis. Facilities Services and Restaurant Operations will be working hard this week to finish up some minor projects (relocating thermostats, moving furniture back, and installation of the energy dashboard) however food and beverages are currently available.

Questions? Contact Tanya Depp, Building Chair at

Denemark Lounge Renovation Update (8/9/12)

This week in the Denemark Lounge Facility Services has finished the installation of the new ceiling, cabinetry and electrical work. In the next week Facilities Services will start flooring installation along with tinting the glass to reduce glare on the cash register from the window.

Qustions? Contact: Tanya Depp, Building Chair at

Denemark Lounge Renovation Update (7/27/12)

This week in the Denemark Lounge facility Services has paitned the ceiling tile gride, continued installation of the electrical and plumping work in the new cabinetry and put in a new door for food storage. In the next week Facilities Services will continue to work on the new ceiling along with flooring installation.

Qustions? Contact: Tanya Depp, Building Chair at

New TER Form (7/17/12)

On July 1, 2012, the Travel office issued a new Travel Expense Report (TER) form which reflects an increase in the mileage rate. Effective July 25, 2012, the new TER form form must be used. Forms submitted on an old version of the form will be returned to the contact person listed on the TER. The most recent version of the form can be found at

Questions? Contact: Jill Baum at or 229-7220

Denemark Lounge Renovation Update (7/16/12)

This week in the Denemark Lounge Facility Serviecs and the Carpentry Shop will install new cabinetry for food servies, along with continued electrical and plumbing work. In addition a wall and door
will be put up to create a storage closet for food services.

Questions? Contact Tanya Depp, Building Chair at

Expense Report Updates (7/9/12)

Beginning Wednesday, August 1, 2012, all travel expense reports will be paid to employees via direct deposit (ACH). The service will be available to employees who currently receive their paycheck via ACH. This new process replaces our existing process of sending paper checks and will save on printing, check stock, and postage costs. Payments will be deposited to the same bank account where your payroll check is deposited. For additional information, please see the campus announcement regarding the change:
In addition, the Travel office recently announced an increase in the mileage rate for driving personal vehicles. The rate will increase to 51 cents per mile, effectiveJuly 1, 2012. Mileage applicable to state owned/leased vehicles will remain at 35.2 cents per mile. An updated TER form can be found at:

Questions? Contact: Jill Baum at or 229-7220