1. UWM
  2. Best Place to Work
  3. Initiative: Faculty and Staff Career Paths



  • Deb Anders
  • William Barrett
  • Randy Bennett
  • Vicki Bott
  • Paula Rhyner
  • Trudy Turner
  • Dev Venugopalan
  • Gary Williams

The goal is to ensure that all faculty and staff are provided with the necessary information and assistance in advancing in their careers at UWM. This will include:

  • Training of department chairs and supervisors on the procedures related to promotion and career advancement including tenure and indefinite status
  • Developing a systematic way to provide information to faculty and staff about the procedures
  • Providing assistance to faculty and staff in the form of effective and responsive mentoring programs suited to their career interests
  • Training of chairs and supervisors to provide meaningful evaluation and feedback to faculty and staff onthe promotional track

Objectives & Progress

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