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  3. Initiative: Faculty and Staff Career Paths



  • Deb Anders
  • William Barrett
  • Randy Bennett
  • Vicki Bott
  • Paula Rhyner
  • Trudy Turner
  • Dev Venugopalan
  • Gary Williams

The goal is to ensure that all faculty and staff are provided with the necessary information and assistance in advancing in their careers at UWM. This will include:

  • Training of department chairs and supervisors on the procedures related to promotion and career advancement including tenure and indefinite status
  • Developing a systematic way to provide information to faculty and staff about the procedures
  • Providing assistance to faculty and staff in the form of effective and responsive mentoring programs suited to their career interests
  • Training of chairs and supervisors to provide meaningful evaluation and feedback to faculty and staff onthe promotional track

Objectives & Progress

  1. Develop program for department chairs on faculty tenure and promotion policies and procedures by Fall, 2012
  2. Develop program for supervisors of staff on policies and procedures related to career advancement by Spring, 2013. Develop programs (panel discussions, seminars, workshops, drop in sessions, etc.) for mentoring faculty and staff for achieving success in t
  3. Vice Provost will hold a drop-in open session for chairs and supervisors each week to address questions related to the above. Already implemented
  4. Secretary of the University will maintain current versions of policies on the web with keyword search.