1. UWM
  2. Best Place to Work
  3. Initiative: Professional Leadership Development



  • Joe Maddalena
  • Kathy Miller-Dillon
  • Jean Salzer
  • Fred Helmstetter

Culture change is occurring across the UWM Campus driven by institutional leadership and external forces including human resource changes, technology, student demographics, and community and employer expectations.

Our desire and need for validation of our contributions to the UWM educational mission and goals requires workplace satisfaction, engagement and ultimately retention. At the core of our quest to be a best place to work stands our interdependent relationships as students, teachers, researchers, and employees at all levels and ranks.

Hence, it is incumbent upon us, as a campus seeking to become a best place to work, to invest in and assure that as an institution, UWM is providing practical, helpful, and empowering development for all.

Objectives & Progress

Overall Completion: 42%

  1. To create and establish a campus-wide leadership model that is synergistic and empowering (25% complete)
  2. To develop a plan for ongoing professional development for supervisors/leaders across all employment categories to support institutional culture change (75% complete)
  3. To develop a campus-wide leadership toolkit that supports best practices of effective supervisors and leaders (25% complete)