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  3. Initiative: Rewards


  • Carmen Aguilar
  • Cheryl Ajirotutu
  • Joan Prince
  • Laurie Thibault

The Rewards Initiative will focus on the recognition of workplace and community engagement of our faculty, academic staff, classified staff and student employees. Through this initiative, we hope to advance a permanent and structured method for highlighting and recognizing our campus family for their internal and external accomplishments.

We also hope to utilize the work of this team to advance a culture of respect and honor for those that are seldom recognized for their endeavors, yet day-to-day continue to make our university and our community a better place to live, work, and learn.

Objectives & Progress

  1. February-June, 2012: Review: Begin the process of an internal and external (System and regional) scan of opportunities for recognition {TBJ40/40; System D/I awards}
  2. September-October, 2012: Work with Governance and HR to formally discuss opportunities
  3. June-August, 2012: Construct a Call to Recognition process and schedule with a self-report form
  4. October 2012-January, 2013: Build campus marketing plan
  5. Spring 2013: Implementation