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  • Francene Botts-Butler
  • Shannon Bradbury
  • Isaac Brooks
  • Alex Kleppin

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee seeks to promote a working and learning environment where all members of the UWM community can work together in a mutually respectful, psychologically-healthy environment. UWM strives to foster an environment that reflects courtesy, civility, and respect because such an environment promotes learning, research, and productivity.

Because a respectful campus environment is a necessary condition for success in its mission, UWM is committed to providing a respectful campus, free of bullying in all of its forms. Bullying is pernicious and unacceptable in all working, learning, and service interactions.

Objectives & Progress

  1. Develop and institute Anti-Bullying (Respectful Campus) Policy
  2. Amend existing Acceptable Use of University Information Technology Resources Policy (Faculty Doc. 2460, http://www4.uwm.edu/ secu/facdocs/2460.pdf) to prohibit Cyberbullying on UWM resources
  3. Develop campus webpage to explain what bullying is and is not, and make clear UWMs stand against it. Website should set forth what steps individuals should take should they experience, or witness, bullying.
  4. Develop campus awareness in conjunction with policies and web information