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  • Autumn Anfang
  • Julie Bonner
  • Deidre Merritt
  • Michael Maass

Increases in employee contributions to benefits when salaries have remained unchanged have resulted in a significant decrease in monthly earnings for employees and difficulty for some to meet their current, basic needs

This reality, along with well-supported national data consistently ranking compensation and benefits as a top contributor to job satisfaction, the uncertainty of additional future change, and the public nature of UWM’s employees compensation and benefits made this universal issue a priority to address in our BPW initiative.

Our purpose is to empower employees by providing tools and resources to help them better understand and manage their compensation and benefits by creating more awareness of opportunities and enhancing communication.

Objectives & Progress

Overall Completion: 90%

  1. Review benefits feedback from campus Chronicle of Higher Education survey, previous UWM employee surveys, and national surveys. (100% complete)
  2. Comprehensive review of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and promotion of services to employees and development of practical, comparison summaries of benefit options starting with health insurance. (100% complete)
  3. Evaluation of new employee orientation utilizing comparison summaries and focus on benefits with alternative start dates and limited enrollment periods. (100% complete)
  4. Share progress related to University Personnel Systems compensation and benefits workgroups with employees and promote well supported overlapping opportunities such as increase in paid time off benefit which capitalizes on cyclic operational demands of Un (50% complete)
  5. Review existing interactive tools related to earnings statements and explore the development of an interactive tool on the portal with forecasting capabilities. (100% complete)