1. UWM
  2. Best Place to Work
  3. Initiative: Code of Conduct



  • Diane Amour
  • Shannon Bradbury
  • Nadya Fouad
  • Jim Hill
  • Michael Hostad
  • Scott Peak
  • Patricia Torres-Najera
  • Dao Vang

Create a campus wide Code of Conduct, develop and implement plans for communicating and sharing the Code, and then foster requirements for its use and accountability for adhering to it, working with appropriate governance and administration.

A campus-wide Code of Conduct is a common reference point for upholding a universal framework of respect, collegiality, and civility. It sends the message that UWM will not tolerate disrespect or inappropriate behavior in our campus community.

Objectives & Progress

Overall Completion: 54%

  1. Become aware of the latest developments in the law, policies and procedures around behavior codes and staff at other universities. (100% complete)
  2. Develop a communications plan related to roll-out and implementation of code to all employee stakeholders. (50% complete)
  3. Plan for on-going communication regarding the Codes existence. How will new employees know we have a Code? Incorporate Code into new employee training and orientation and leadership development sessions. (20% complete)
  4. Develop plans for multiple levels or entry points of accountability. What actions will be taken when the Code is violated? (80% complete)
  5. Plan for regular review and editing of the Code. (20% complete)