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  3. Initiative: Conflict Resolution



  • Vince Adesso
  • Francene Botts-Butler
  • Helaine Hickson
  • Stan Yasaitis

Given changing conditions UWM employees have experienced in the last year (e.g., removal of collective bargaining, increased health insurance and pension contributions, continued stagnant wage/salary rates, planning a new University Personnel System), it is no secret that employees are stressed, scared, and feel uncertain in their employment environment.

It is likely that these stresses have and will contribute to increased conflict in the work place.

We seek to obtain resources to prevent escalation of and manage workplace conflict, including a campus conflict resolution officer and centralizing all related resources in a “1-stop shop” within the Human Resources website.

Objectives & Progress

  1. Examine and clarify current conflict resolution efforts and procedures on complaints/conflict resolution. Create website for "one-stop" Human Resources source
  2. Explore possibility of establishing a conflict resolution office, whose mission is to prevent escalation of conflict and resolve conflict.
  3. Increase available training on recruitment and supervision as well as conflict resolution. Consider whether, and if so, for whom certain training shall be made mandatory. This involves studying the role of Human Resources in training and appropriate staff