1. UWM
  2. Best Place to Work
  3. Initiative: Flexible Schedule



  • Geoff Hurtado
  • Gwynne Kennedy
  • Jason Kuiper
  • Jennifer Murray
  • Amber Tucker

UWM employees’ work schedules vary in order for the university to function well, while many UWM employees want greater flexibility in their work schedules to accommodate personal needs and to create a more satisfactory work-life balance.

FMLA policies and practices, flexible work arrangements, and other employee-friendly policies and practices were identified as critical areas for BP2W review and action.

Most of the subgroup's recommendations can be implemented quickly and without much expense, particularly if there is a shared sense of urgency and the desire for substantive change on all sides.

Objectives & Progress

Overall Completion: 35%

  1. Accountability and Transparency (50% complete)
  2. Promote Campus Awareness (100% complete)
  3. Improve Physical Environment
  4. Resource Sharing: Education, Training and Professional Development (25% complete)
  5. Research and Policy Development