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Credit Card Acceptance

This Procedure DOES NOT include information on Purchasing Cards. For information on P-Cards (Purchasing Cards), please refer to Business & Financial Services website Accounts Payable Procedure 5.4.3: Purchasing Card


In order for UWM to accept credit card payments, it is bound by contracts with the corresponding payment card companies.

Payment card companies and governmental agencies have collaborated to develop comprehensive, thorough and rigorous data security standards. In order to continue to accept credit card payments, UWM must prove and maintain compliance with these various standards. An event such as a security breach of credit card data attributable to UWM jeopardizes the institution’s ability to continue to conduct transactions, potentially costing the institution a great deal of revenue. The contract also allows fines to be levied by the card companies in order to continue to do business with them should a breach occur.

Statement of Procedure:

UWM is committed to reduce institutional risk associated with the administration of merchant cards through the establishment and adoption of standard payment systems and clear assignment of responsibility. It is the intent of UWM to provide campus departments with compliant, reliable and supportable methods for securely and conveniently accepting credit card payments and to establish a process for formally evaluating the need for payment systems outside the scope of the commonly supported methodologies.

Costs Associated with Credit Card Acceptance:

 ePayment – Standard Solution  ePayment – Non-Standard Solution
• Start-up fee - $125 • Start-up fee - $950
• Monthly Fee - $20/month
• Monthly Fee - $100/month
• Transaction Fee - $0.21/transaction
• Transaction Fee - $0.21/transaction

Hypercom Devices
Merchant Number
• Hypercom T4210 Dial only - $338
• $5/merchant number/month
• Hypercom T4220 IP (or Dial) - $440
(Device can be ordered, but cannot use IP format)

Note: Ordering POS (e.g., Hypercomm) devices – send an e-mail to the Credit Card Acceptance Team

Other Fees - varies by merchant

• Visa/MC/Discover Processing Charges
• Card Association Fees
• PIN Debit Charges
• Authorization Fees

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