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Bursar Office - Installment Payment Plan

Although all amounts owed to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) are payable on the Fee Due Date indicated, UWM recognizes that students may not make such payments in full on the relevant Fee Due Dates for each semester. At its discretion and if certain requirements are met, UWM may extend credit to students. The Installment Payment Plan is only available during the fall and spring semesters to students who do not pay their room, meal plan, and tuition & fees by the due date. The Installment Payment Plan is not available during the UWinterIM and summer semesters.

Note: Study Abroad and Executive MBA fees are not eligible for the Installment Payment Plan. Kenilworth rent and miscellaneous charges for loft rental, key replacements, parking, etc. charged by University Housing are not eligible for the Installment Payment Plan.

To use the Installment Payment Plan, you must pay all prior term PAWS charges plus $100.00 toward your fall charges (fall semester) or $100.00 toward your spring charges (spring semester) by the tuition due date. This plan allows you to make payments in two installments later in the semester.

Eligible charges will begin to transfer to the Installment Payment Plan after the tuition and fee due date. The Installment Payment Plan charges will automatically adjust during the first two weeks of classes if you add or drop courses or change any of your room or meal plan charges.  After the established add/drop date, fall and spring semesters only, charges will no longer transfer to the Installment Payment Plan.

A 1% administrative fee will be assessed after the add/drop date on the unpaid balance on this plan. This non-refundable fee will not change even if your charges increase or decrease.

Fall 2014 installment charges are due October 8, 2014, and November 7, 2014.

Spring 2015 installment charges are due February 13, 2015, and March 13, 2015.

View your PAWS online Statement of Account for tuition assessment, exact installment amounts and due dates, and other charges owed to the University. Failure to pay an installment charge by the due date may result in a Hold placed on your records. This will prevent release of transcripts and diploma, registration, and additional campus services. Installment charges not paid by the due date are subject to finance charges assessed at a rate of 1% per month.

**No paper bills are sent to currently registered students.**