Accounts Receivable Office
3203 N. Downer Ave.
Mitchell Hall
Room 295
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Cashier's Office
3203 N. Downer Ave.
Mitchell Hall
Room 285
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Bursar Office - Payment Methods & Returned Checks

When you register for classes or make changes to your registration using your online Panther Access to Web Services, PAWS, account you are making a financial commitment to UWM.  Failure to view your account does not negate your responsibility to pay by the due date.  View PAWS to determine the correct amount due and due dates.  You may immediately on PAWS with webCheck or credit card.  For your convenience, you may pay your tuition, fees, and housing and meal plan charges using several methods:  web, mail, depository, and in person.  Please read our policy on returned check payments.  Third party billing agreements, fee remissions, and financial aid payments are also explained.

Web Payments

PAWS charges may be paid online through your PAWS account.  WebCheck, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are accepted on PAWS.  Each PAWS online credit card transaction will be assessed a 2.5% convenience fee.  No convenience fees are charged for webCheck payments made on PAWS.  No convenience fees are charged for payments mailed to the Bursar Office or in-person payments made in the Cashier's Office.

Please note:  Credit card payments are only accepted online through PAWS.  The Cashier's Office does not accept credit card payments.

Visit the How to "Make a Payment" section of our website for step-by-step instructions on web payments.

Mail Payments

Make your check payable to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • Include the student number in the memo area of your check
  • 1 check and 1 payment coupon in an envelope mailed to the address on the coupon
    UW Milwaukee, Cashier's Office PO Box 500, Milwaukee, WI  53201-0500
  • Mail overnight payments to
    UW Milwaukee, Cashier's Office, Mitchell Hall Room 285, 3203 North Downer Avenue, Milwaukee, WI  53211

Allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us.  The Cashier's Office does not accept postmarks and is not responsible for delays with U.S. mail.  Your check payment must be credited to your account no later than the fee due date to avoid late payment assessments.

Depository (Drop box) Payments

A depository is available in  the hallway outside of the UWM Cashier's Office, Mitchell Hall, Room 285.  Access to the depository is restricted to Mitchell Hall building hours.  Check payments are receipted same or next business day.  Your canceled check is your receipt.

Make checks payable to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Include the student ID# in the memo area of your check.  You may use the envelope you received with your invoice or a gold envelope provided near the depository.  Do not put cash in the depository.

Cashier's Office (in person) Payments

The UW Milwaukee Cashier's Office is located in Mitchell Hall Room 285, 3203 North Downer Avenue, Milwaukee, WI  53211.  The following payment methods are accepted in the Cashier's Office:  cash, checks, and debit / ATM cards.

  • Cash in U.S. currency and coin.  Retain your receipt as proof of payment.
  • Checks in U.S. dollars.  This includes bank drafts, cashiers, travelers, personal, and business checks.  No third party checks are accepted
  • Debit / ATM cards will be scanned and you must enter your PIN as your electronic signature.

Returned Checks

A $20.00 returned check fee may be assessed when a check is not paid by the bank on which it is drawn for reasons such as non-sufficient funds, refer to maker, missing signature, account closed etc.  A hold may be placed on the student's PAWS account to prevent future enrollment, release of transcripts or diplomas and refunds.  The replacement payment for a returned check should be in the form of a cashiers check, money order, debit or credit card, or cash - not a personal check.  If payment is not replaced within 15 days, the account may be sent to the Accounts Receivable Collector.  This may result in further collection efforts and additional costs such as referral to an outside collection agency, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, University Police and legal proceedings.

Third Party Billing Agreement

If some or all of your tuition and fees will be paid by a qualified 3rd Party, the authorization guaranteeing payment of a specified amount of your tuition and fees must be received in the Accounts Receivable Office by the fee due date.  For additional information on 3rd Party Agreements, call 414/229-1195.
Mail 3rd Party Authorizations to:

UW Milwaukee
Accounts Receivable Office
PO BOx 413
Milwaukee, WI  53201-0413

Having a 3rd Party Authorization on file does not remove your responsibility to assure that all tuition and fees are paid.  Should your 3rd Party not send a timely payment, the debt will remain on your student account and you will be responsible for any late payment and finance charges.

In addition, if you will be receiving Financial Aid, you should notify the Financial Aid Department ( as it could affect your eligibility for aid.

Financial Aid Awards

Having a financial aid award package visible on PAWS does not remove your responsibility to assure that the funds are paid to your student account by the fee due date.  You must follow all financial aid instructions on the Financial Aid website, your award package, emails sent to your PantherLink account and your PAWS To-Do-List.

Fee Remission

View PAWS to verify that your remission has waived the appropriate tuition and fees. Some remissions are dependent on a minimum credit requirement before the waiver will pay to a student’s account.  If your waiver has not processed, first verify your credit load and add classes, if necessary.  Second, if your credit load is correct for your remission type, contact the department that granted you the fee remission.

Students that have graduate appointments must be at the proper credit limit for the remission to waive tuition and fees.  If a graduate appointment is waiting for status change or approval for reduced credit load, the remission will not process.

Payroll Deduction Authorization

Payroll Deduction is a contractual benefit available to graduate appointments and is limited to Teaching, Project and Research Assistants, and Fellows Fall and Spring only.  Submit a Graduate Assistant and Fellowship Certification and Payroll Deduction Authorization form to the Accounts Receivable Office no later than 4:30 PM on the relevant tuition due date.  This form is available in the appointing department or the Accounts Receivable Office, Mitchell Hall, Room 295. 

For additional information regarding this contractual benefit, visit UWM Graduate Department Publications.