Bursar Office - Additional (Differential)

Per Credit Charge Fall 2013

School of Business
Applies to 200-600 level courses
$21.22 per credit
College of Engineering & Applied Science
Applies to all courses offered by CEAS
$21.63 per credit
College of Nursing
Applies to new students admitted to the major beginning Fall 2004 and Clinical Major courses
$31.52 per credit
Peck School of the Arts
Applies to all student taking undergraduate courses except eight 100 level GER courses
$21.80 per credit
School of Architecture
Applies to 100 level courses
$11.55 per credit
School of Architecture
Applies to 200 - 800 level courses
$43.00 per credit
Per credit rate charged to all students regardless of plateau or residency

DEFINITION OF PROGRAM SPECIFIC DIFFERENTIAL TUITION: Program specific differential tuition is defined as tuition that is added to the institution's base tuition level set by the Board of Regents for a specific program to supplement academic and other student services beyond existing activities supported by GPR and PR funding. This definition does not apply to Board of Regents initiated program specific differential tuition initiatives. Click here for University of Wisconsin System Program Specific Differential Tuition Procedures.

WHY DIFFERENTIAL CHARGES MAY INCREASE YOUR TOTAL ASSESSMENT: The tuition and fee structure adopted by the Board of Regents typically includes a credit plateau within which there is no charge for additional credits. Differential per credit rate is charged to all students regardless of the credit plateau (how many credits the student is registered for) or residency classification. Students are classified as either a resident of Wisconsin for tuition purposes or a nonresident, based on the provisions of Wisconsin Statutes 36.27(2) and the information you supplied with your application. See the Department of Enrollment Services website for more information about Residency for Tuition Purposes

For more information on UW System Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction (F44) click here.