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Spring 2011 Tuition and Fee Rates - Fee Due Date is January 19, 2011

The amounts do not include any special course fees, distance education fees, or differential tuition that will be in addition to normal tuition.  Consult the Spring 2011 Schedule of Classes for a complete listing.

Assessments/Refunds for Reduction of Credit Load Percentage assessments are established by the University of Wisconsin System.

Fee Level:  Fee level (graduate vs. undergraduate) determines the student career.  Students admitted as degree or non-degree graduate students pay graduate level fees for all courses taken.

Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Fee –Tuition Questions:  Please contact Registration 414/229-4585

Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP):  Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) is available to academically qualified students from Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and North Dakota entering UWM Fall 2008 or later.  For information on this program call 414/229-4672.

Noncredit Courses:  Fees for noncredit courses are assessed the same as regular credit course fees.

UPASS A UPASS is a semester/summer long pass for unlimited free use of local area commuter bus service.  Fall UPASS is also valid during UWinterIM.