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Offices located at:
Engelmann Hall Rm 180
2033 E Hartford Ave
Milwaukee WI 53211
Mailing Address:
PO Box 777
Milwaukee WI 53201
Fax:        414-906-8406
Phone:  414-229-4301

Purchasing Office - Background

The Purchasing Office provides information links to numerous available contracts so that campus staff can specify goods or services that are readily available. Purchasing supports ordering methods such as low dollar orders, purchasing cards, on-line ordering sources and blanket orders so that campus staff can consummate routine procurements in a timely manner to the extent allowed by good business practices and the authority allowed by organizations that exercise oversight over UW-Milwaukee procurement operations.

UW-Milwaukee is delegated authority to conduct its procurement operations by the UW System Office of Procurement. The UW System Office of Procurement is delegated authority to conduct its procurement operations by the State Bureau of Procurement. Those delegations are formal and are  granted to single accountable staff members in the UW Office of Procurement and the UW-Milwaukee Purchasing Office.

The primary state statutes governing UW-Milwaukee purchasing operations are 16.70 through 16.77 of Chapter 16.

The primary state administrative codes governing UW-Milwaukee purchasing operations are Adm Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

The primary federal regulations governing UW-Milwaukee purchasing operations involving federal funds are contained within OMB Circular A -110.

University purchasing procedures are instructions for University compliance with state statutes and State of Wisconsin, UW System and campus policies.

The primary sources of policies for University purchasing procedures are the State Procurement Manual, UW System Financial Administration Policies and UWM Selected Academic and Administrative Policies.