University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


By downloading these files you agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in these web pages.

Instructions for Downloading UWM Logos


How to Download

Step 1

Locate and download the logo(s) from the Web site. The logo will download in a .zip file format.


Step 2

Unzip the logo using WinZip or ZipGenius (for PC) or Stuffit Expander (for Mac).


Step 3

From within your application, choose place/get picture/import/insert etc. and retrieve the unzipped logo saved on your hard drive.



File Types

Logos have been saved in EPS (vector) format or TIFF (bitmap) format. They are both found in the .zip files that can be downloaded and unzipped on your hard drive.

Using EPS files of the logo is recommended. EPS is resolution independent, can be scaled to any size, and will always print at the highest quality. All EPS logos are compatible on PC and MAC platforms and can be used in all graphics software applications except Microsoft Office.

TIFF logos are intended for Microsoft Office users but can be used in any other application. It is preferred that you use the .eps versions whenever possible. TIFF bitmap files are made up of a certain number of pixels, so the image size cannot be increased without serious loss of print quality. If you require a larger file, contact Barbara Reblin at Print & Copy Services, or 414-229-2207.

Microsoft Office users: TIFF files have been provided for your use. They are located in the folder (with the .eps file) that can be downloaded and unzipped on your hard drive. Download the 1-color logo if your document is 1-color. Download the 4-color process logo if your document is 2-colors or more.



Color Variations

Use for printing in black ink only.

2 Color
Use for printing in two inks only, black and UWM Gold (Pantone 1235/116). Do not use 2-color files in your Microsoft Office documents.

For jobs that will be printing CMYK (full color), use the 4-color .eps version of the logo. 

If a printer has to convert a 2-color logo, they must be told to convert the Pantone color to CMYK. Provide the printer with the instructions below.

Convert PMS 1235 to the following CMYK ink mixture:
Coated Paper C/0 M/25 Y/100 K/0
Uncoated Paper C/0 M/16 Y/100 K/0



Do Not Alter the Logos

After placing the logo into your document, you may resize the logo proportionately. Do not stretch the logo out of proportion when resizing.




Please direct questions about using the UWM logos to the Brand Oversight Committee at

If you need further technical assistance, contact Barbara Reblin, Print & Copy Services at or 414-229-2207.