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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Logos & Branding 

Thanks to everyone who attended the FIRST ANNUAL UWM BRAND DAY on October 24. If you couldn't attend or would like to review any of the sessions, you can download the presentations here:

Identify Your Program/Department (Using Type Treatments)

Using the Branding Website/Downloading Logos

Email Marketing

Using UWM Fonts and Colors

Large Format Printing Standards

Print and Copy Services

Social Media and Video

Web Branding

All University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee printed and digital (Web, PowerPoint, Keynote, Captivate, Video, etc.) materials and merchandise should use an authorized version of the UWM logo. When it isn't possible to use the logo, always include a text identifier.

The official name of the university is "University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee." There is no "the" in the title (although usage in a sentence may require a "the."  e.g. They are students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). Use a hyphen (-), with no spaces before or after, between the words Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Basic Logo Usage

  • The UWM preferred logo must appear on all publication covers or front pages, in a prominent position and at a significant size.
  • Use only authorized digital artwork of the logo, downloaded from this site. Do not copy and use .gif files from a Web site for use on printed materials.
  • Never incorporate the UWM logos into illustrations or other logos.
  • When a logo is reduced or enlarged, the proportion of all the elements in the logo must remain the same. Do not stretch or condense.
  • The registration mark ® must appear in all uses of the UWM logo—Do not remove!
  • A UWM logo cannot be used within a line of text.
  • Use only appropriate UWM logo color combinations.
  • Student organizations cannot use UW-Milwaukee logos or UW-Milwaukee in the possessive as part of the name of their organization. [Download the Logo & Trademark Guidelines for Student Organizations]
  • Use only full black logos on materials that will be faxed or photocopied in black and white. The gold waves can drop out or become too faint when reproduced in black and white.