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Powerful Ideas. Proven Results.


It's time for perception to catch up with reality.

We are committed to the effort of defining today's UWM brand. We've been telling the people of Wisconsin and the nation for years that we have something great in mind. Now it's time to show them exactly what that means.

The first expression of our rebranding is our new tagline: Powerful Ideas. Proven Results. It will serve as our inspiration and cornerstone as we create campaigns that raise awareness and advance UWM.

Because the tagline will be implemented across all media and on communications that span the university, it is critically important that every stakeholder is familiar with it's proper usage. This will ensure clarity, build recognition, and strengthen our university.

Before using the UWM logos or taglines, please review the graphics standards manuals.


Powerful Ideas. Proven Results. Taglines available for download.



Note: Files are provided in a compressed .zip format. Before using the taglines, please review the graphics standards manuals. If you have any questions about their use, contact Technical problems and questions should be directed to Barbara Reblin, Print & Copy Services, at or 414-229-2207.