University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


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UWM Stationery

Stationery, business cards and envelopes should be ordered online from Print & Copy Services. If you have questions about ordering stationery, contact Print & Copy Services at 414-229-4944.

If you don’t have a need for a large supply of stationery, editable MS Word templates are available for downloading. These templates are suitable for printing from desktop printers.

Note: the UWM preferred typefaces families of New Baskerville and Futura are needed to use these templates.

Adobe Font Folio - Where to get the UWM typefaces

The Adobe Font Folio is a collection of more than 2,200 OpenType typefaces including all of the UWM appropriate typefaces. UWM departments can purchase Font Folio online, at a fraction of the retail price, from the UWM TechStore.

The Adobe Font Folio license is for use on only one computer. You must purchase one license for each computer on which the Font Folio is installed.