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UWM Typefaces

The typography used in the UWM logomark is created from the New Baskerville and Futura typeface families. They represent the preferred typeface families for UWM communications. A variety of weights, in both roman and italic, are available in each type family, and can be used to emphasize words or phrases. typefaces-1

Compatible Supporting Typefaces

Compatible supporting typefaces are acceptable for use in UWM communications. They include the following serif and san serif typefaces:


The use of UWM’s preferred and compatible supporting typefaces for text and correspondence is a subtle, but important visual tool to strengthen UWM’s brand.

Accent Font Acceptable Use

What is an Accent Font?

An accent font is any typeface that is used in addition to the approved university typeface families and compatible supporting typefaces that are defined above.

Acceptable Use of Accent Fonts
The use of “accent fonts” is acceptable if the use meets the following criteria:

  • Accent font serves a definable purpose (e.g. highlights a specific word, headline, event  title or phrase for emphasis).
  • Accent font does not overpower the official University typefaces.
  • Accent font must be used as a “supporting” typeface NOT as a the main typeface.
  • Accent font is used to promote an event, art gallery show, or program that relies on a unique identity in its promotional materials to be successful in targeting a specific audience
  • Accent fonts are limited to 1-2 fonts per projects.

Exceptions to the above criteria must be reviewed and approved by the Brand Oversight Committee.

Adobe Font Folio - Where to get the UWM typefaces

The Adobe Font Folio is a collection of more than 2,200 OpenType typefaces including all of the UWM appropriate typefaces. UWM departments can purchase Font Folio online, at a fraction of the retail price, from the UWM TechStore.

The Adobe Font Folio license is for use on only one computer. You must purchase one license for each computer on which the Font Folio is installed.