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School/College/Unit Logos


A series of secondary logos has been developed for use by schools, colleges, divisions, departments and offices, which incorporates the UWM Preferred logo. This logo should be used as a primary identifier on brochures, advertising, Web pages, PowerPoints or other communications vehicles.




School/College/Unit Logos available for download.



Staging of the School/College/Unit Name

The name of each school or college is situated in a specific relationship below the preferred University signature, and should be not altered. It is positioned flush left with the right-hand side of the banner graphic in the logomark, and in the specified size and typeface in either a one-line or two-line format.

Secondary Logo Staging



Adding Department/Office Names

Department/office names can be added under the College/School name following this formula:

Using a UWM logo that is 1.75 inches wide.

School/Division name:
12.5/13.5 New Baskerville Roman, 90% condensed

Office/Department name:
8.5/9.5 New Baskerville Italic





Name Substitution

In some situations, it is preferable that the name of the Department/Office be substituted for the School/College/Division name. Authorization from the School/College Dean or the Division Head must be received before such a logo can be used.

The authorization form for name substitution can be found on the Print & Copy Services Web site.


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