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Wisconsin Business Gallery

The Wisconsin Business Gallery honors the men and women (past and present) who have permanently influenced the history of business in southeastern Wisconsin. Through their leadership, success, and community activism, these individuals remind us that the health and vigor of the Wisconsin business economy is the collective product of human achievement. These men and women have had extraordinary ideas, and the will and vision to implement them.

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Abdoo, Richard A.
Andersen, Arthur
Baird, Robert W.
Beals, Jr., Vaughn L.
Bradley, Harry Lynde
Bradley, Lynde
Brengel, Frederick L.
Briggs, Stephen Foster
Chapman, T.A.
Chirchirillo, Anthony
Clark, Emory T.
Cleary, Catherine B.
Cleaver, John C.
Cudahy, Michael J.
Dalton, George D.
Dickten, Erich
Evinrude, Ralph S.
Fitzsimonds, Roger L.
Foote, Robert T.
Goldstein, Leonard J.
Grant, Harry J.
Grede, William J.
Halyard, Ardie A.
Harnischfeger, Walter
Hoffer, Robert M.
Jacobus, Delwin C.
Johnson, Samuel C.
Johnson, William R.
Karl, Max H.
Kieckhefer, John W.
Kohl, Max
Koss, John C.
Kuester, Dennis J.
Loewi, J. Victor
Loock, Fred
Lubar, Sheldon B.
Manegold, Robert L.
Marcus, Ben
Mayer, George P.
McNeer, Charles S.
Miller, Sr., Frederick C.
Modine, Arthur B.
Mogi, Keizaburo
Mohrhaus, James E.
Nicholas, Albert O.
Palmer, Henry L.
Pelisek, Frank J.
Puelicher, J.A.
Rader, I. Andrew
Robb, Dr. Walter L.
Ross, Kenneth B.
Runzheimer, Rufus E.
Rupple, Brenton H.
Sampson, Bernard J.
Scheinfeld, James D.
Schenker, Eric
Schroeder, Walter
Seaman, Irving
Smith, Lloyd B.
Soref, Harry E.
Steigerwaldt, Donna Wolf
Storr, Hans G.
Stratton, Harold Mead
Strong, Richard S.
Uihlein, Jr., Robert A.
Vogel, Charles P.
Weber, C. Edward
Wehr, C. Frederic (Todd)
Wetzel, Arthur A.
Wisconsin Business Gallery
Woehr, Harold C.
Wright, James O.
Zelazo, Nathaniel K.