Lubar Executive Programs
Action LearningOver the years we’ve discovered that the best way to help participants in Executive Programs transfer program concepts and skills to the workplace is to challenge them to create and execute a Transformational Application - applying a tool or concept that they've learned to make a significant positive difference back in the workplace.

Hundreds of SLS participants over the years have identified one or more professionally and organizationally transformational applications that they elect to work on. These apps can range from individual improvements to a participant’s leadership or management skill set all the way to organization-wide change initiatives that dramatically impact the direction or scope of a department or the organization itself.

Identifying and reporting on these transformational apps is the signature of every Lubar Executive Program. The process itself and the learning that results is one of the most important elements of each of the programs we deliver.

And there’s no better way to demonstrate the value of the return on the dollar investment that each organization makes in the Strategic Leadership Series or a customized executive program.
Strategic Leadership Series

The Strategic Leadership Series (SLS) annually delivers an advanced business curriculum to high-potential executives in four two-day sessions over a period of six months. Participating firms typically send six or more of their executives who learn from the faculty, industry experts and each other. Companies involved in SLS include Johnson Controls, Rockwell Automation, ManpowerGroup, CNH and We Energies, to name a few.

SLS provides an educational venue for participating organizations to send high-potential managers to a convenient local setting for development programs facilitated by UWM Executive Programs faculty. An SLS Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from current SLS organizations, works with the Executive Education team to design the format and content of this annual development experience.

2013-2014 Strategic Leadership Series