Lubar Academics

Ph.D. Graduates

Amy Verbos
, “An Ethical Decision Test of an Interdependence Perspective on Engaging Employees,” May 2009, (Advisor: Miller), Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota (Vermillion, South Dakota).

Mark James
, “Rainbow Barrier Behaviors: Scale Development and Validation,” August 2009, (Advisor: Shaffer), Assistant Professor, United International College (Zhuhai, China).

Joseph Gerard
, “A Theory of Organizational Routines: Development of a Typology and Identification of Contextual Determinants,” August 2009, (Advisor: Shaffer) Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater  (Whitewater, Wisconsin).

Jeff Vanevenhoven
, “Taxonomies of Environmental Uncertainty Sources Perceived by Executives in the United States, Mexico and Taiwan” August 2008, (Advisor: Priem),Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater  (Whitewater, Wisconsin).

Peter Snyder,“Crime at the Top: Factors Affecting Diffusion of Illegal Innovations Among Management Elites” August 2008, (Advisors: Priem, Levitas), Assistant Professor, Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan).

Mujtaba Ahsan, “Incumbents Adaptation to Uncertain Competence-Destroying Changes: Real Options Perspective,” August 2006, (Advisor: Levitas), Assistant Professor, Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, Kansas).

Lucy Arendt, “Leaders’ Use of Positive Humor: Effects on Followers’ Self-efficacy and Creative Performance,” August 2006, (Advisor: Mone), Associate Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Director of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business, and Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (Green Bay, Wisconsin).

Joseph O’Connor, Jr., “The Effect of Organizational Learning on Market Entry Strategy”, August 2005, (Advisor: Levitas), Assistant Professor, University of Texas-El Paso (El Paso, Texas).

Sibin Wu, "Nascent Entrepreneurs: Motivation, Aspiration and Opportunity Search," August 2004 (Advisors: Priem & Levitas) Current placement: Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Pan American (Ediburg, Texas).

Hermann Ndofor, "Entrepreneurial Forms of Capital, Venture Strategy & Performance: The Special Case of Immigrant Entrepreneurs," August 2004, (Advisor: Priem) Current Placement: Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas) . (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina-Charlotte).

Corey Pfaffe, "Assessment of Feasibility and Urgency: The Threshold of Action for High Performing Organizations," May 2003, (Advisor: Yasai) Current placement: Assistant Professor, Maranatha Baptist Bible College (Watertown, Wisconsin).

Virginia Baeten, "Aligning Strategy and Leadership Characteristics in a Nonprofit Environment: Does it Influence Performance?", May 2001, (Advisor: Barker), Emeritus Chief Executive, Brown County Association for Retarded Citizens (Green Bay, Wisconsin).

Bonnie S. O'Neill, "A Contingency Approach to Referent Selection: A Model and Empirical Test", December 2000, (Advisor: Mone), Assistant Professor, Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Has been promoted to Associate Professor.

Moses Acquaah, "Firm Resources and the Sustainability of Firm-Specific Profitability: an Empirical Analysis", December 2000, (Advisors: Barker and Chi), Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina-Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina).

Chungho Moon, "The Effects of Macro and Micro Fit on the Performance of Multinational Corporations, August 1999, (Advisor: Yasai), (Initial Placement: LG Management Development Institute). Current Placement: Faculty, Ahsan College of Technology.

George C. Mueller, "Strategic Decision Making and Performance: Decision Processes and Environmental Effects", August 1998, (Advisors: Barker and Mone), (Initial Placement: Principal, Mueller Consulting) Current placement: Vice President of Marketing Research, Aurora Health Care Systems (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

Alla Wilson, "Organizational Climate and the Adoption of Technological Innovations by Hospitals", August 1996, (Advisors: Nystrom and Ramamurthy), Current Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (Green Bay, Wisconsin). (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater).

Reginald M. Beal, "Industry Life Cycle Stages - Competitive Strategy - CEO Characteristics Alignments: How Small Manufacturing Firms Compete", April 1995, (Advisor: Yasai), (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Florida A&M University (Tallahassee, Florida). Has been promoted to Associate Professor.

Michele Gee, "An Examination of the Strategic Fit Between Quality Management Strategy and Levels of Training Provided to Develop People-Dependent Capabilities", November 1994, (Advisor: Weber), Current Placement: Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Parkside (Kenosha, Wisconsin) (Initial Placement: UW-Green Bay, Assistant Professor).

Laurence Weinzimmer, "Determinants of Organizational Growth for U.S. Publicly Traded Companies", December 1993, (Advisor: Nystrom), Current Placement: Associate Professor, Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois) (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Bradley University). Has been promoted to Associate Professor.

Halonen, Brian, “Cognition and Causation in Formulating Unstructured Decision Problems”, December 1992, (Advisor: Nystrom).

Jean M. Lundin, "Determinants of Administrative Intensity: A Multivariate Analysis of Mass Transit Organizations", May 1992, (Advisor:Weber), Associate Professor, Lake Superior State University (Marie, Michigan)  (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Lake Superior State University).

Teresa Steffen, "Determinants of Service Quality in Health Care Organizations", May 1992, (Advisor: Nystrom), Current Placement: Associate Professor and Program Director, Concordia University (Mequon, Wisconsin)  (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor and Program Director, Concordia University).

Kamala Arogyaswamy, "Organizational Turnaround: A Two Stage Strategy Contingency Model", December 1991, (Advisor: Yasai), Current Placement: Associate Professor, University of South Dakota (Vermillion, South Dakota) (Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, USD).

Haug, Ralph, “Contingency Approaches to the Design of Strategic Planning Systems”, December 1990, (Advisor: Yasai-Ardekani), Assistant Professor, Roosevelt University (Schaumburg, Illinois).