Lubar Academics

“The Business Scholars Program has helped me develop life-long business skills as well as life-long friendships."
Natalie Mamerow, Marketing Major and Business Scholar, Class of 2009

Academic Advising:
Monica Camacho
Lubar Hall N297
(414) 229-5271


Program Objectives and Overview
Scholars Program Objectives

  • To provide advanced analytic tools at the sophomore level which will provide the foundation for advanced, scholar’s level study at the junior and senior level.  This work includes studies in accounting and statistics, along with information systems (often taken at the freshman level).
  • To provide enhanced coverage of functional business area courses required of all business students.  Students will choose at least two courses from the following areas: marketing, management, finance, and production.  These areas may include – but are not required to include – study in the student’s major.
  • To provide advanced “graduate-type” seminars for undergraduates.  Such classes will provide a student an opportunity to sample graduate-level study during the senior year.  Courses will be relevant to today’s business environment and will be of interest to students in all majors.
  • To encourage international study through the use of two-week study abroad opportunities.
  • To provide an opportunity for interaction with other Business Scholars and successful businesspersons in our community.  Several social and educational events will occur each year for students in the Business Scholars Program.


Advantages of Participation

  • All seven required courses will be taught personally and exclusively by professors with by some of the Lubar School’s most outstanding professors.  Classes will have a maximum of 30 students.
  • Each Scholars course will be integrated with all other Scholars’ courses.  Skills learned in early courses will be directly applied in subsequent courses, and scholars’ faculty will meet regularly to coordinate their coverage.
  • Business Scholars courses will feature critical thinking, written and oral presentation, “real world” applications and selected group projects.
  • Students will be members of a cohort group, which will foster teamwork and social interaction.
  • A student’s transcript will be marked as a Business Scholars graduate.  This will make a student’s added effort and knowledge apparent to employers and graduate schools.
  • The Business Scholars Program will have a designated advisor to aid students in planning their academic career.