Lubar Graduate Students
Lubar MBA curriculum(effective Fall, 2013) 40-credit program made up of three distinct components: the Basic Core, Advanced Core, and Elective Options.


MBA Basic Core (7 credits)

The Basic Core will enhance your ability to interpret and utilize quantitative data, while at the same time beginning to build a set of skills to critically analyze and communicate management issues. 

Bus Mgmt 735 Advanced Spreadsheet Tools (1 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 736 Understanding and Using Corporate Financial Statements (2 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 737 Business Strategy and Economics (2 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 738 Critical Thinking in Business (2 cr.)

MBA Advanced Core (24 credits)
The Advanced Core integrates strategic, analytical, and behavioral dimensions of management decision-making over a broad spectrum of business functional areas. Students continue to build and apply their critical and analytical thinking skills throughout the Advanced Core.


Bus Mgmt 704 Accounting Analysis and Control (3 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 705 Corporate Finance (3 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 706 Managing in a Dynamic Environment (3 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 707 Information Technology Management in Contemporary Business (3cr.)
Bus Mgmt 708 Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Practice (3 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 709 Analytic Models for Managers (3 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 711 Supply Chain Strategies & Competitive Operations (3 cr.)
Bus Mgmt 712 Strategic Management (3 cr.)


Students with a BBA degree and a major in accounting, finance, marketing, information technology management, or supply chain and operations management may waive the 3- credit advanced core course that corresponds to their major field of study and substitute the course with an approved MBA elective.


MBA Electives (9 credits)
You’ll augment your studies by selecting a set of Elective Options that can be fine-tuned to your professional areas of interest. For the Flex MBA, please see enclosed handout to view the wide variety of elective options offered within the Lubar School of Business. The Cohort program’s elective courses are pre-selected based on the most popular elective choices in the Lubar MBA program.
Career Focused Concentrations (optional)
Health Care Management
Supply Chain Management

Additional Features
All Lubar MBA students take part in “Lubar Launch” activities including general orientation, networking, and team building. In addition, students select from a variety of professional development opportunities that are offered as an enhancement to classroom learning.



*Students should always check the on-line Graduate Course Catalog for the most up-to-date program information and graduation requirements.