Lubar Graduate Students
MBA Curriculum
MBA Core CurriculumThe core curriculum consists of 24-27 credits, and combines a solid business foundation based on traditional theories with current models and applications in business and technology.

MBA Core Requirements24-27 credits
The core curriculum integrates strategic, computer, analytical, and behavioral dimensions of management decision-making.

Bus Mgmt-704 Accounting Analysis and Control
Bus Mgmt-705 Corporate Finance
Bus Mgmt-706 Managing in a Dynamic Environment
Bus Mgmt-707 Information Technology for Competitive Advantage
Bus Mgmt-708 Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Practice
Bus Mgmt-709 Data Analysis for Management Applications
Bus Mgmt-710 Economic Analysis for Managers
Bus Mgmt-711 Competitive Operations Strategy
Bus Mgmt-712 Strategic Management*
*Designated integrating course

Bus Mgmt-712 Strategic Management is the program capstone course.

MBA Electives12-15 credits
Students in the MBA Program have two options for completion of elective credits. They may choose a Career Focused Concentration in Health Care Administration, International Business, Managing Change, or Supply Chain Management, completion of which will appear on their transcript. This route will require the completion of fifteen elective credits, increasing the total number of degree credits required to 39-42.

The second route is to complete twelve elective credits from an approved list of Elective Tracks or by customizing an elective track to meet their professional or personal needs. The second route requires a total of 36-39 total degree credits.

Total Degree Credits Required: 36-39 without a concentration or 39-42 with a concentration.

Students with a BBA degree and a major in accounting, finance, management, management information systems, marketing, or production operations management will be waived from the core course that corresponds to their major field of study. Students with a double undergraduate business major will be waived from both core courses, but must substitute three elective credits for one of the waived core courses to maintain the minimum degree credits.

MBA Foundation Courses
0-9 credits
MBA foundation coursework (for those entering the program without previous equivalent coursework) consists of four courses. Bus Adm 700, Bus Adm 701 and Bus Adm 703 will be waived based upon completion of equivalent coursework with a C- or higher grade. Bus Adm 702 will be waived based upon completion of equivalent coursework with a B or higher grade within five years of admission. Foundation courses do not apply as credit for the degree.

Bus Adm-700 Building Business Interfacing Skills (2 cr)
Bus Adm-701 Business Mathematics (2 cr)
Bus Adm-702 Business Statistics (2 cr)
Bus Adm-703 Financial Accounting (3 cr)

Students are also assumed to have basic proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet, and database software for microcomputers; credits taken to acquire these skills do not apply toward the degree

Bus Adm Course Descriptions

Bus Mgmt Course Descriptions

The UWM-Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business makes every effort to ensure that the information on this page is accurate and up-to-date. However, it is the student's responsibility to verify all program requirements with an academic advisor in Graduate Program Services.