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Custom Programs
Custom programs represent unique educational opportunities to provide quality development programs tailored to critical areas of need.

Custom Executive Programs Custom executive development programs represent a unique opportunity for organizations to develop quality educational experiences tailored to their executive-level individuals and teams. The Executive Programs staff will work with your organization to identify your firm's most important development needs and create a curriculum that brings together UWM faculty and your subject experts in the right balance for optimal learning and maximum effectiveness back in the workplace. For more information on executive development opportunities from the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business, see our Executive Programs web site.

Center for Technology InnovationCompanies must continuously improve and evolve to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. In this dynamic environment, information becomes a key source of competitive advantage and information technology becomes fundamental to economic growth. In the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business this new environment has produced a need for ongoing innovations in the School’s curriculum, increased requests for applied research, and continued corporate demand for technology-focused training.

In 2000 the School created the Center for Technology Innovation ( CTI) in response to these trends. The Center serves as an umbrella organization within the School supporting management technology-related research, teaching, and service to the business community. Its support in these areas is dedicated to maintaining the School’s leadership position in technology education.

Custom training programs are one of the ways CTI partners with business and extends the School's rich educational resources to the IT business community's. CTI has extensive experience in designing and delivering high-quality, technology-focused education customized for business. These programs can include either credit or non-credit courses and can be delivered at either the UWM campus or the company’s campus. Non-credit courses are developed to meet the company’s specific needs, while the credit courses can be applied directly towards the employee’s undergraduate or masters degree. Both Metavante and Northwestern Mutual have participated in programs.

  • Metavante FastLearn – The FastLearn program was designed to retool current employees who were experienced mainframe programmers. The program offered two tracks. The first track focused on developing client-server based skills, and the students in this program earned one- half of their MS degree in MIS. The second concentrated on web-based development skills and the students in this track earned one-half of their MS degree in e-Business. The program included both credit and non-credit courses and was taught both at night and full time during the summer at the Lubar School of Business.
  • Northwestern Mutual University – This program was designed to retool existing non-IT employees with basic IT skills. The program was taught for UWM undergraduate credit onsite at Northwestern Mutual’s training center. Credits could be used towards a bachelors degree or towards a second degree major for those already possessing an undergraduate degree.


To inquire about customized training programs, contact Professor Dave Haseman at or (414) 229-4357. For more information about CTI, visit