Lubar EMBA
Student Profile
One of the greatest strengths of the EMBA Program is the students' diverse background and experience levels. Program participants often tap their classmates' wealth of knowledge and directly apply the skills to their own business concerns. This creates a stimulating learning environment and allows students to observe a variety of approaches to problem-solving.

  • Each Executive MBA class is comprised of approximately twenty-five to thirty students.
  • The class mix is generally 25 percent female and 75 percent male.
  • A typical Executive MBA student has fifteen years of professional business experience and significant management experience.
  • In addition, some students have advanced academic and professional degrees in a wide range of non-business fields.
Likewise, the companies they represent are equally diverse. The list of companies employing our graduates illustrates a balance between service and manufacturing companies. Diverse, yes — but what EMBA program participants have in common is a shared commitment to expanding their professional horizons within the unique setting of the Executive MBA program.