Lubar EMBA
Common Questions
How do I fit the Executive MBA Program into my busy schedule?Success in business demands a substantial time commitment. It will be no different with your EMBA Program. Over the course of the two-year program, plan to spend about 25 hours a week on program-related activities (this includes the eight hours per week of classroom time). Added to the already heavy demands of a career, the time involved in pursuing an MBA is considerable. Success will require a high level of motivation. However, the burden will be eased by the support of other students and the assistance of EMBA Program support staff.

How is this program different from a traditional MBA program?There are several important differences. Class size and structure facilitates close interaction between students and faculty. Students remain with one group of classmates throughout the program, providing continuity and mutual support. Another advantage of the EMBA Program is that your classmates are people whose business experience enables them to enrich the learning environment with practical examples and case studies. The EMBA Program combines textbook learning with real-world examples to produce a challenging, stimulating experience. It provides the maximum return for the time and money invested in it.

My math skills are rusty. Will that be a problem?It is useful to have a solid background in basic math skills. However, a combination of refresher classes and assistance from your classmates will help reinforce the analytical principles you encounter during the Program. The principles stressed are those required to help make senior level managerial decisions.

Who pays the cost of the program?In many cases, participants are sponsored wholly or in part by their employers. Companies understand the competitive advantage they gain from having a person whose management skills have reached the highest possible level. Those participants who are self-sponsored often qualify for loans or other financial aid (please contact the program director for details).