Lubar EMBA

Lubar EMBA Calendar

17 months to completion:  September through JanuaryClasses held every other week (Friday evening & Saturday)Partial summer offPre-Program Success Residency


The Lubar EMBA Program offers an innovative curriculum designed around five thematic clusters – each of which integrates a set of topics and projects around a target management theme.

The benefit to you?  An in-depth, cross-functional understanding of business complexities, and a comprehensive approach to solving the management challenges you will face as you continue to advance your leadership career.


Today’s general manager relies more than ever on data to make the right business decisions.Our first thematic cluster provides data analysis tools that allow managers to make good business sense of hard numbers, and explores the use of key numbers in the accounting function.Reading people is as important as reading numbers, so a manager’s toolbox is not complete without an insightful understanding of effectively managing people and projects.  (9 credits)

BUSMGMT 704, Accounting Analysis and Control, 3 credits
BUSMGMT 714, Managing People and the Role of the General Manager, 3 credits

BUSMGMT 709, Business Analysis, 3 credits


We introduce the formulation for strategy in Cluster Two, and explore strategic, boundary-spanning approaches to marketing and operations.  (9 credits)

BUSMGMT 708, Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Practice, 3 credits
BUSMGMT 711, Competitive Operations Strategy, 3 credits

BUSMGMT 706, Managing in a Dynamic Environment, 3 credits


Being able to lead and manage change effectively may be the most essential skill in a general manager’s portfolio.Students come to understand how information technology can provide the essential data that managers need to make effective decisions in turbulent times, and how the results of those changes and decisions are measured in an organization’s accounting and financial functions.  (9 credits)

BUSADM 795, Seminar in Management: Strategy Formulation, 1 credit
BUSADM 795, Seminar in Management: Business Ethics, 1 credit

BUSMGMT 705, Corporate Finance, 3 credits

BUSADM 795, Seminar in Management: Managerial Accounting, 1 credit

BUSMGMT 707, Information Technology for Competitive Advantage, 3 credits


We all understand that businesses today function on a global scale.The classroom course in International Business comes to life in a 10-day international residency experience that follows this cluster and further broadens your global perspective.Students see firsthand how principles taught in class are applied in global business markets.Cluster four emphasizes that economics, the law and developing leaders are shared concerns around the business world.(8 credits)

BUSMGMT 716, International Business Management & Residence, 3 credits
BUSADM 752, Corporate Economics, 3 credits

BUSADM 795, Seminar in Management: Developing Leaders, 1 credit

BUSADM 795, Seminar in Management: Legal Issues, 1 credit


Coupled with a comprehensive understanding of essential business functions, the ability to create the right strategy and execute it well is the hallmark of a great general manager.Learning to think and act like an entrepreneur pushes that skill to a dynamic new level.Cluster five concludes with elective sessions on Mergers & Acquisitions, Digital Marketing or Innovation Strategy for Managers and Leaders.   (8 credits)

BUSMGMT 712, Strategic Management, 3 credits
BUSADM 713, Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation & Management, 3 credits

BUSMGMT 795, Seminar in Management: International Business Simulation, 1 credit

BUSMGMT 795, Seminar in Management: (Elective)


While in the program, you’ll work with a team of your classmates on a real-world, applied project, under the guidance of an EMBA faculty member.This integrative project will tie together the thematic clusters and provide you with rich opportunities to collaborate and consult on strategic projects with our partner companies and non-profit organizations.Each team will setclear expectations and project goals, implement a plan, assess the results, and report outcomes and recommendations to the organization and the class.


Beginning in the pre-program Success Residency and continuing throughout your EMBA experience, we will guide you in creating your own individual development plan based on executive skills assessments and personalized coaching we provide.These include communication, management and leadership skills assessments, as well as career coaching focused on advancing managers.