About Us


The Lubar School of Business Supply Chain Management Institute will be a premier source of industry-university partnerships that examines supply chain challenges and practices within firms and across a variety of industrial sectors using an interdisciplinary focus.  The goal is to create an internationally-recognized center for thought leadership and expertise in the broad areas of supply chain management research and education.  In collaboration with industry, the Institute’s faculty and students will investigate and study applied research questions, facilitate an ongoing dialogue among industry and academic thought leaders, foster student-focused learning initiatives and immersion experiences, and develop new streams of academic knowledge.  Such knowledge and research findings will be disseminated in peer-reviewed academic research journals, thought-leadership white papers on emerging issues, best-practice case studies, and peer-to-peer forums and conferences for participating companies.


The core mission of the Institute is to:

•    Facilitate knowledge partnerships between academia and industry.  Collaboration with industry enhances the understanding of how to effectively implement, manage, and sustain supply management, manufacturing, and logistics processes that are relevant for today’s organizations and technology-driven and increasingly global business environment.
•    Deliver a high quality supply chain curriculum.  Through rigorous academic programs that provide the applied skills necessary to address current challenges in the supply chain environment, our graduates add insight, expertise, and value to their organizations.  
•    Create a diverse environment for the generation and dissemination of knowledge. Faculty research in applied settings, drawing from interdisciplinary expertise in the economic, strategic, managerial, and organizational aspects of managing supply chain functions, can provide regional, national and global solutions to the challenges and opportunities associated with managing today’s organizations.  
•    Foster interdisciplinary collaboration across the UW-Milwaukee campus and UW System in the field of supply chain management.  Partner with colleagues in engineering, healthcare, freshwater sciences, and other campus areas to fully encompass the breadth and depth of integrated supply chain issues.  Content areas of focus will include integrated product design with engineering, healthcare process design and management, transport infrastructure and environmental sustainability.


The Supply Chain Management Institute values the role of people, processes and technology in the study and implementation of corporate logistics, manufacturing and sourcing practices. Therefore, our core values include:

·    Serving as a source of innovative supply chain professionals and scholars that provides competitive advantage to industry and economic growth for the community.  
·    Driving and shaping internal and external business processes including integrated practice of sourcing, logistics, and manufacturing within the firm and among its business partners.
·    Leverage information and communication technology to break down functional boundaries, firm boundaries and geographic boundaries to achieve maximum benefit.