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EnrichJunior (56-85 credits)

You are halfway there! It is time to enrich the experiences and knowledge you've gained during the first two years as a business student. As a student admitted to your major, you will start taking upper-level business courses and identify the specific area(s) of business you want to pursue.

The following should be completed by the end of your junior year.

Meet with your Academic Advisor to confirm you have met all admission requirements Lubar Hall N297, (414) 229-5271

  • Complete the pink Admission to Major form (To avoid registration issues or a delayed graduation, we recommend that you be admitted to your major by the middle of your junior year).
  • Plan your semester and discuss your timeline for graduation.
  • Review the number of credits remaining for any majors, minors, certificates, etc. and any prerequisites that may affect the sequencing of your classes.
  • Check your progress by answering the following:
    • Have you taken or are you enrolled in the 300-level core course in your intended major?
    • What Major Electives/courses are you going to take for your major?
    • Do you want to double major or add a certificate to your degree plan?
    • What internship opportunities have you found that provide career-related experience?
Know your program's requirements
  • Track your progress by reviewing your personalized Academic Advisement Report.
  • For instructions on accessing your Advisement Report see
Meet with your Career Advisor to develop plans for our second internship Lubar Hall N297, (414) 229-5271

  • Update your resume and have it critiqued.
  • Discuss which major electives will best work with your career plans.
  • Finalize career goals and plans.
  • Search for positions between your junior and senior years.
Attend Career Services Center sponsored events
  • Workshops (Job Search Strategies, Internship, and/or Resume).
  • American Marketing Association's annual Etiquette Dinner in Fall.
  • Employer mock interviews.
  • Employer Panel, "How to Make an Impression at a Career Fair."
  • Career Fairs:
    • All Major (October);
    • Lubar (February);
    • Just in Time (May).

Continue to use career resources

  • Reactivate PantherJOBS account and update information.
  • Sign-up for on-campus interviews through PantherJOBS. Some employers interview in fall for summer internships.
  • Obtain new password for the Career Insider.
  • Build contacts in LinkedIn:
    • Join the UWM Alumni Group
  • Watch for emails from the Career Services Center on sponsored internships, such as LaMacchia and Jacobus, and other opportunities.

Monitor your PAWS account weekly and pantherLINK e-mail daily 

  • View your Priority Advising Enrollment Appointment. 
  • Generate and review your Academic Advisement Report in PAWS.
  • Watch for important e-mails from the Lubar School and UWM. 
  • Ensure your finances are in order: 

Enrich your academic experiences

  • Explore Study Abroad Opportunities - as part of a group or on your own - as a way to improve your understanding of the diverse cultures of the world and begin developing the skills needed for a business career in the global market.
    • Contact your Advisor or the Study Abroad Office: Pearse Hall Room 166, (414) 229-5782,
  • Speak with Faculty and Staff about specializations and current trends in your areas of interest.
  • Continue to meet with faculty and staff to build relationships and act as a positive reference for you.
  • Take on a leadership role in a Lubar Business Student Organization:
  • Connect with Business Professionals in the Multicultural Mentoring Program:

Begin to research Graduate and Professional Schools

  • Review GPA and other standardized test requirements.
  • Learn what personal statements and other application essays require and how to write them.