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EmbarkSenior (86 credits and beyond)

Congratulations - it is almost time to embark on the next chapter of your life. This is an exciting time as you begin thinking about what you will be doing after college. Follow these steps to help you take that next step with confidence!

The following should be completed by the end of your senior year.

◊ Meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure you will complete all graduation requirements Lubar Hall N297, (414) 229-5271

  • Jot down any questions you have.
  • Review your Academic Advisement Report via PAWS.
  • Register as soon as possible to obtain classes you need to meet graduation requirements.
◊ Complete the Graduation Checklist:
  • Apply for Fall UWinteriM graduation no later than the first Friday after the start of fall classes.
  • Apply for Spring/Summer graduation no later than the fourth Friday of January, or the Friday after the start of spring classes.
  • Examine your PAWS account. Your graduation status will remain "under review" until all final grades are posted unless there is a problem with your record.
◊ Meet with your Career Advisor to discuss goals and develop a plan for after graduation Lubar Hall N203, (414) 229-5445

  • Schedule a meeting in summer prior to your senior year.
  • Refine your resume, cover letters, and references.
◊ Develop plans to embark on your journey after graduationIf you chose graduate school you will want to start your application about a year before you want to start the program:
  • Review application deadlines.
  • Take relevant standardized tests.
  • Write your personal statement/application essay.
  • Gather recommendation letters if needed.

◊ Monitor your PAWS account weekly and pantherLINK e-mail daily 

  • View your Priority Advising Enrollment Appointment. 
  • Generate and review your Academic Advisement Report in PAWS.
  • Watch for important e-mails from the Lubar School and UWM. 
  • Ensure your finances are in order: 
◊ Attend Career Services Center sponsored events
  • Workshops (Life After College, Job Search Strategies, etc.).
  • American Marketing Association's annual Etiquette Dinner in Fall.
  • Employer mock interviews.
  • Employer Panel, "How to Make an Impression at a Career Fair" for networking opportunities.
  • Career Fairs:
    • All Major (October);
    • Lubar (February);
    • Just in Time (May).

◊ Begin Job Search in Fall for Full-time Career Position

  • Check PantherJOBS schedule for Fall for employers interviewing May and August graduates.

◊ Continue to use career resources

  • Reactivate PantherJOBS account and update information.
  • Obtain new password for the Career Insider.
  • Continue to build contacts in LinkedIn:
  • Watch for email alerts for employment opportunities and sponsored LaMacchia and Jacobus internships.
  • Take on a leadership role in a Lubar Student Organization:
  • Obtain second internship (which may be for college credits).
  • Report your full-time position to the Career Services Center.