Lubar Undergraduate

Yvette Alicea-Reed

Vice President
Ashley Gaglione

Society for Human Resource Management
This organization caters to students considering applying to, or already accepted into the School of Business and majoring in Human Resources Management. It also welcomes students with other majors such as Psychology, Communications, Management Information Systems, Marketing, etc. In addition to biweekly meetings, we sponsor such events as Human Resource Forums, on-site company tours, student Shadow Days, and host a variety of speakers from all facets of Business and Human Resources.

The mission of the Society for Human Resource Management is to help students prepare for a career in the field by providing opportunities like internships, professional presentations, and job networking opportunities.

We also work closely with HRMA (Human Resource Management Association) and local area businesses to add value and guidance to our organization. We regularly invite professional members of the HRMA chapter to speak on issues affecting industry today. These activities will enable our members to be knowledgeable of the challenges affecting our profession and to better qualify them for positions within the field of Human Resource Management.