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Book cover: Unmaking the Public University
The humanities disciplines have been asked to defend their value yet again, and various projects have risen to the task. Many of these defenses take the form of showing that the humanities have positive economic impacts.

In this talk, Christopher Newfield (UC-Santa Barbara) argues that these defenses are futile and misguided, in large part because they are claiming to have adapted to a capitalist economy in the very moment in which it has reached a historical limit.

This talk first discusses the arguments that favor the end of the current model of industrial innovation towards which the “practical” humanities is oriented. It then identifies elements of past and current humanities practice that will address the needs of the emerging, more sustainable, post-Western-capitalist society.

Thursday, April 24
3:30 pm, Curtin 175

Brown bag lunch with Christopher Newfield
Thursday, April 24
12 noon, Curtin 939

Hedge Maze
outlaw_pete, flickr commons
New Crop of C21 Fellows for 2014-15!
C21 is very happy to announce the following UWM fellows for 2014-15:

Jason Puskar (English), Elana Levine (JAMS), Ivan Ascher (Political Science), Tasha Oren (English), Aneesh Aneesh (Sociology), Nigel Rothfels (Office of Undergraduate Research), and Stuart Moulthrop (English).

Joining these UWM fellows will be UW System fellow Mark Vareschi (English, UW-Madison) and the Provost's Post-Doctoral fellow Gloria Kim (PhD, Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester).

C21 fellows are chosen through a yearly competition and their work coincides with our annual theme; for 2014-15 our theme is Humanities Futures. Fellows participate in bi-weekly seminars, present their work publicly, and are actively engaged with C21's public programming for the year. Over the summer we will posting information about their research projects on Facebook and our website.

Congratulations to all!

Making Place book cover
C21 is pleased to announce that our latest volume of essays in our 21st Century Studies series with Indiana University Press has recently been published: Making Place: Space and Embodiment in the City.

Edited by UWM's Arijit Sen (Architecture) and Lisa Silverman (History), the volume recognizes how "space" and "place" have become central to analysis of culture and history, and examines how people engage the material and social worlds of the urban environment via the rhythms of everyday life and how bodily responses are implicated in the making and experiencing of place.

Introduced in this the volume is the concept of spatial ethnography, a new methodological approach that incorporates both material and abstract perspectives in the study of people and place, and encourages consideration of the various levels—from the personal to the planetary—at which spatial change occurs.

Authors include Setha Low, Swati Chattopadhyay, Emanuela Guano, Jennifer Cousineau, and Karen Till. In addition to co-writing the introduction, Sen and Silverman have each contributed an essay. Case studies come from Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The volume was born of two C21 symposia held on Embodied Placemaking in Urban Public Spaces.
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