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Politics of Reproduction book cover
Recently Published by Former C21 Fellows
Katherine Paugh (15-16) had her book, The Politics of Reproduction: Race, Disease, and Fertility in the Age of Abolition, published by Oxford University Press. The book sheds new light on the frequently debated question of whether abolitionism was understood by contemporaries as economically beneficial to the British Empire, while also making new claims about the importance of Britain's colonies in the emergence of population as a political problem. Portions of the book were written during her fellowship year at the Center. Congratulations, Katherine!

Crop Trust logo Former C21 fellows Tracey Heatherington (13–14) and Bernard Perley (07–08, 15–16) got to take a peek inside the famed Global Seed Bank in Svalbard, Norway (before there was some flooding in May 2017)—and, as chance would have it, serve as models for an animated dystopian science fiction film! Their impressions can be found in “Fieldnotes from Svalbard: How Global Dreamings Take Root in the Arctic Frontier,” EuropeNow Journal (Issue 7, May 2017).

Anthropocene Feminism book cover
The Center for 21st Century Studies is excited to announce the publication of our latest volume of essays with the University of Minnesota Press, Anthropocene Feminism.

What does feminism have to say to the Anthropocene? How does the concept of the Anthropocene impact feminism? This book is a daring and provocative response to the masculinist and techno-normative approach to the Anthropocene so often taken by technoscientists, artists, humanists, and social scientists. By coining and, for the first time, fully exploring the concept of “anthropocene feminism,” it highlights the alternatives feminism and queer theory can offer for thinking about the Anthropocene.

Edited by former C21 director Richard Grusin, the volume originates from our 2014 conference of the same name.

In addition to an introduction by Grusin, the volume includes essays by Stacy Alaimo, Rosi Braidotti, Joshua Clover and Juliana Spahr, Claire Colebrook, Dehlia Hannah and Natalie Jeremijenko, Myra J. Hird and Alexander Zahara, Lynne Huffer, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, and Jill S. Schneiderman.

Anthropocene Feminism is available from the website of the University of Minnesota Press, or from your favorite online or bricks-and-mortar bookstore. Get yours today!

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