International Symposium on Post-Modern Performance
November 17-20, 1976

John Cage (left) and Center director Michel Benamou (right)

Wednesday, November 17
8:00PM "Quartet," by Israel Horovitz
Carolee Schneemann, videotape, Up to and Including Her Limits

Thursday, November 18
9-10:45 Michel Benamou: Opening Remarks
Dick Higgins, "An Exemplativist Manifesto"

11-1 Workshops
Semiotics 1: David Cole
"Performance from Visual Scripts: The Abstract Graphic Pattern as a 'Working Model' of the Dramatic Text"
Theatre 1: Israel Horovitz
Literature 1: Campbell Tatham
"Mythotherapy and Post-Modern Fictions"
Inter Arts 1: Daniel Charles
"New Music: Utopia AND Oblivion"

1-2 Carolee Schneemann videotape

2-3:45 Keynote Speaker: Ihab Hassan, "Prometheus as Performer: Notes Toward an Indefinition of Post-Humanist Culture"

4-5:45 Panel: Marcel Duchamp the Performer
John Cage
Jean Clair
Hubert Damisch
Allan Kaprow
Jean-François Lyotard

6-8 Carolee schneemann videotape

8:00 Poetry: Jerome Rothenberg, Jackson Mac Low, and the Four Horsemen

Friday, November 19
9-10:45AM Herbert Blau, "Seeming, Seeming, the Disappearing Act"

11-1 Workshops
Semiotics 2:
Teresa de Lauretis
"The Encoding of Performance in the Theatre: Pirandello's Texts as Scripts for the Mise-en-Scene"
Walter Rewar
"The Cybernetic Modeling of Performance"
Theatre 2: Richard Hughes
"The Actor's Present"
Literature 2:
Richard Palmer
"Some Elements of a Post-Modern View of Performance"
Wladimir Krysinski
"Textual Performance as One-Man/Woman Show: from Stein to Roche"
Inter Arts 2: Carolee Schneemann
"Instrumentality/Invisibility: The Relation of Self and Materials"

2-3:45 Raymond Federman, "Federman: Voices within Voices"

4-5:45 Jean François Lyotard, "The Unconscious as Mise-en-Scene"

8:00 American Premiere of Man with Bags by Eugène Ionesco

Saturday, November 20
9-10:45 Carol Duncan, "Phasing Out Mothers"

11-1 Open Forums
Semiotics of Performance (Eco, Cole, et. al.)
Politics of Theatre (Blau, Hughes, et. al.)
Literature as Performance (Hassan, Lerman, et. al.)
Inter Arts (Higgins, Charles, et. al.)

2-3:45 Umberto Eco, "The Performer as Multichannel Emitter of Poetic Messages"

4-5:45 Special Panel
Allan Kaprow: Happenings, Events, Activities and Performances
Dick Higgins
Jackson Mac Low
Jerome Rothenberg
Carolee Schneemann

8:00 John Cage, "Empty Words"
Man with Bags, by Eugène Ionesco

Sunday, November 21
4:00 Reception for Eugène Ionesco and Israel Horovitz (by invitation)

8:00 Man with Bags, Quartet


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