Conference: German Avant-Garde Film: The Seventies
April 21-23, 1982

Wednesday, April 21
8:00-10:15AM Screening: Kluge, et al, Germany in Autumn

10:30-12:30 Introduction and Welcome
Panel on Germany in Autumn
Papers: Eric Rentschler, Miriam Hansen, Marc Silberman

1:30-4:00PM Screening: Helke Sander's The Subjective Factor

4:00-6:00PM Panel on the Work of Helke Sander
Special Guest: Helke Sander
Moderator: Judith Mayne
Papers: Kaja Silverman, Ruby Rich

6:00-8:15PM Repeat Screening: Kluge, et al, Germany in Autumn

8:00-11:45PM Screening: Nekes' Lagado
Screening: Syberberg's Requiem for a Virgin King

8:15-11:00PM Screening: Sander's Redupers
Screening: Achternbusch's The Beer Battle

Thursday, April 22
8:30-10:00AM Screening: Schroeter's Dress Rehearsal

10:00-12:00 Panel on Ottinger, Schroeter, and Syberberg
Papers: Janet Bergstrom, Thomas Elsaesser, Timothy Corrigan,
Roswitha Mueller

1:00-3:00PM Screening: Ulrike Ottinger's Freak Orlando

3:00-4:00PM Discussion with Ulrike Ottinger

4:00-6:00PM Screening: Ulrike Ottinger's Ticket of No Return

8:00-11:15PM Screening: Straub/Huillet's Not Reconciled
Screening: Ulrike Ottinger's Madame X

8:00-11:30PM Screening: Straub/Huillet's The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena
Screening: Schroeter's The Death of Maria Malibran

Friday, April 23
9:00-10:45AM Screening: Huillet/Straub's TooEarly, Too Late

11:00-12:00 Discussion with Straub/Huillet
Moderator: Bertrand Augst

1:30-3:00PM Panel on Straub/Huillet
Papers: Bertrand Augst, Thom Andersen

3:00-6:00PM Lecture by Birgit Hein
Screenings: Films to be introduced by Birgit Hein
Emigholz's Hotel
Heins' Portraits
Wyborny's The Birth of a Nation

8:00PM Performance/Film by Birgit and Wilhelm Hein




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