Cinema Histories, Cinema Practices II
November 9-12, 1982

Tuesday, November 9
7:30PM Film by Yvonne Rainer: Journeys from Berlin - 1971
Discussion with the filmmaker
Moderator: Kathleen Woodward

Wednesday, November 10
9:00AM Screenings: On the Marriage Broker Joke…(Land)
Raw Nerves (de Landa)

10:30 Introduction: Patricia Mellencamp, Peter Wollen

1:15 Screening: Dreamwork (Kiernan)
Independent Cinema & Psychoanalysis
Mary Ann Doane
Joanna Kiernan
Jackie Raynal
Moderator: Roswitha Mueller

4:00 Films by Diana Barrie:
The Annunciation, Magic Explained, The Living or Dead Test
Discussion with the filmmaker
Moderator: Tania Modleski

5:30 Video by Rob Danielson

7:30 Films by Michael Snow: So Is This, Presents
Discussion with the filmmaker
Moderator: Kathleen Woodward

Thursday, November 11
9:00AM Screening: Hamlet Act (Nelson/Chang/Blau)
Discussion with the filmmakers
Moderator: Scott MacDonald

10:30 Narrative
Teresa de Lauretis
Anne Friedberg
Michael Snow
Moderator: Patricia Mellencamp

1:15 Avant-Garde Cinema
Annette Michelson
Yvonne Rainer
Scott MacDonald
Moderator: Stephen Heath

3:30 Screening: Crystal Gazing (Wollen)
Discussion with the filmmaker

7:30 Films by Jackie Raynal: New York Story Part II, Deux Fois
Discussion with the filmmaker
Moderator: Patricia Mellencamp

Friday, November 12
9:00AM Screening: Crystal Gazing (Wollen)

10:30 Avant-garde Cinema
Manuel de Landa
J. Hoberman
Anthony McCall
David Rodowick
Andrew Tyndall
Moderator: Patricia Mellencamp

1:14 Forum Discussion
Stephen Heath
Christian Metz
Kaja Silverman
Moderator: Patricia Mellencamp



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