Aging and the Imagination:
Perspectives from Literature and Psychology
A Conference
April 20-22, 1983

Wednesday, April 20
8:00PM Leslie Fiedler, "The Eros of Old Age"
Response: Martin Berezin

Thursday, April 21
10:00AM-12:00 William Halloran: Welcome
John Muller, "Aging and the Language of Death"

1:30-3:00PM Workshop: "Aging and Psychoanalysis"
Norman N. Holland
Murray M. Schwartz
Chair: Kathleen Woodward

3:30-5:00PM Workshop: "Autobiography and Aging"
William Kerrigan
Mark Krupnick
Chair: Kathleen Woodward

7:30PM Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, "Paradigms of Experience: The Expressive Life of the Elderly"
Response: David L. Gutmann

Friday, April 22
9:00-10:30AM Workshop: "Women and Aging"
Diana Hume George
Mary Lydon
Elaine Marks
Chair: Kathleen Woodward

11:00AM-12:30 Herbert Blau, "The Winter of Our Discontent"

2:30-4:00PM James Hillman, "Myth and Aging"

4:30-5:30PM Closing Panel
Chairs: Kathleen Woodward, Murray M. Schwartz
Discussants at Large: Robert Boyers, Lydia Brontë



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