International Conference on Mass Culture
April 25-27, 1984

Wednesday, April 25
2:00-3:30PM Workshop: Historical Perspectives on Mass Culture
James Cronin, "The Working Class and the Making of Mass Culture"
Lynn Mally, "Class Culture or Mass Culture? Workers and Art in the Russian Revolution"
Presiding: Kathleen Woodward

Stuart Hall giving his lecture on April 25, 1984 in Curtin 175

3:30-5:00PM Stuart Hall, "Theories of Mass Culture"
Presiding: Kathleen Woodward

8:00PM Screening of Model, discussion with the filmmaker Frederick Wiseman
Presiding: Dick Blau

Thursday, April 26
9:00-10:30AM David Kunzle, "The Success and Failure of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck"
Presiding: Jeffrey Hayes

11:00-12:30PM Workshop: Imaginary Adversaries: Mass Culture and Modernism
Andreas Huyssen, "Pas de deux: Staging the Dichotomy"
Tania Modleski, "The Terror of Pleasure: The Contemporary Horror Film and Postmodern Theory"
Presiding: Jane Gallop

2:00-3:30PM Judith Williamson, "Women/Meaning/theMedia"
Presiding: Kathleen Woodward
4:00-5:30PM Workshop: Television
Jane Feuer, "Narrative Form in Television: The Episodic Series and the Continuing Serial"
Patricia Mellencamp, "Domestic Stagings and Comic Couples: I Do ('Since we said "I do," there are so many things we don't') Love Lucy"
Presiding: Teresa de Lauretis
5:30PM Screening: A Sign is a Fine Investment (Judith Williamson)

Friday, April 27
9:00-10:30AM Workshop: News
Margaret Morse, "Nesspeak: Narrating the News on Television"
John Pauly, "News, the Public and Everyday Life: An Historical Perspective"
Presiding: William Mayrl

11:00-12:30PM Workshop: Popular Music
Bernard Gendron, "Theodor Adorno vs. Popular Music (Europe vs. Africa?)"
Lawrence Grossberg, "Rock and Roll: The Politics of Pleasure and the Empowerment of Everyday Life"
Presiding: Divina Infusino (The Milwaukee Journal)

2:00-3:30PM Stephen Heath, "Theoretical Approaches to Television"
Presiding: Judith Mayne

4:00-5:00PM Screening: Videotaped interview with Raymond Williams, by Stephen Heath and Gilliam Skirrow

5:00-6:00PM Closing Panel
General Discussants: Rodolfo Cortina, Judith Mayne, and Jack Zipes

From left to right: Patricia Mellencamp, Dick Blau, Jane Gallop, Jon Erickson

Reception photographs taken by Bill Tennessen


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