Feminist Studies: Reconstituting Knowledge
April 24-26, 1985

Wednesday, April 24
1-3:30PM Welcome: Kathleen Woodward
Introductions: Teresa de Lauretis, Elaine Marks
ROUND TABLE of all speakers

4-6 Remaking Histories
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, "Writing History and Talking Bourgeois: Language Class Formation and Gender Difference. One Possible Narrative"
Linda Gordon, "Comment"
Chair: Elaine Marks

7:30 Screening and discussion of Lizzie Borden's Born in Flames
Panel: Judith Mayne, Valie Export
Chair: Patricia Mellencamp

Thursday, April 25
10-12 Feminism and Science
Evelyn Fox Keller, "What Difference Can We Make?"
Ruth Bleier, "Lab Coat: Robe of Innocence or Clansman's Sheet?"
Chair: Cecilia Ridgeway

2-4 Women and Psychoanalysis
Jessica Benjamin, "A Desire of One's Own: The Prospects of Psychoanalytic Feminism"
Biddy Martin, "Feminism and Psychoanalysis: The Status of 'Women'"
Chair: Andreas Huyssen

4:30-6:30 Race, Gender, and Social Transformation
Panel: Evelyn Torton Beck, Sheila Radford-Hill, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Friday, April 26
10-12 Reading/Writing (As) Women, I
Barbara Smith, "The Truth that Never Hurts: Black Feminist Writing in the Eighties"
Sondra O'Neale, "Redefinitions of Beauty: Literary Iconography and the Black Women's World"
Chair: Tania Modleski

2-4 Reading/Writing (As) Women, II
Nancy K. Miller, "Changing the Subject: 'Oubliez les Professeurs'"
Suzanne Clark, "The Unwarranted Discourse"
Chair: Herbert Blau

Feminism and Critical Studies
Panel: Angelika Bammer, John Brenkman, Mary Russo
Chair: Teresa de Lauretis

Discussants: Jane Gallop, Kathleen Hulley, Chandra Talpade Mohanty


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