The Modern Text and the Experience of Modernity:
Re-Visions of German and Austrian Modernism
April 23-25, 1986

Wednesday, April 23
2:30-3:00PM Kathleen Woodward and Andreas Huyssen:
Welcome and Introductory Remarks

3:00-6:30 Modernity - 1910 and 1930
Mark Anderson, "Kafka in New York"
Respondent: Herbert Blau
Russell A. Berman, "Written Right Across Their Faces: Ernst Jünger's Fascist Modernism"
Respondent: Jack Zipes

Thursday, April 24
9:00AM-12:30 Aesthetic Avantgardism and Political Radicalism
Jochen Schulte-Sasse, "The Rebirth of Myth in Modernism: Carl Einstein"
Respondent: Martin schwab
David Bathrick, "Speaking the Other's Silence: Franz Jung's Der Fall Gross"
Respondent: Henry Schmidt

2:30-6:00PM Modernism and Gender
Biddy Martin, "Appropriations of the 'Feminine': Lou Andreas-Salomé on Women, Art, and Modernity"
Respondent: Roswitha Mueller
James Steakley, "Anti-Modernist Modernism in Thomas Mann's Death in Venice
Respondent: Mark Krupnick

Friday, April 25
9:00AM-12:30 History, Philosophy, Narrative
Klaus Scherpe, "The City as Narrator: Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz"
Respondent: Miriam Gusevich
Klaus Berghahn, "Dialectical Images: Ernst Bloch's Spuren"
Respondent: Giovanna Borradori

2:30-6:00PM Classical Modernism
Peter U. Hohenddahl, "The Loss of Reality: Gottfried Benn's Early Prose"
Respondent: Ingo Seidler
Judith Ryan, "Each One as She May: Gertrude Stein's Melanctha, Musil's Tonka, and the Beginnings of the Avant-garde"
Respondent: Gabriele Schwab


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