Television: Representation, Audience, Industry
April 13-15 1988

Wednesday, April 13
Kathleen Woodward, Introduction
Patricia Mellencamp, "Measures of TV Time: Scandal, Catastrophe, Age"
Patrice Petro, "Courting the Law: Television and the Trial"
Stephen Heath, "Representing Television"

1:30-2:30PM John Caughie, "Playing at Being American"
Andrew Ross, "Made Max: Three Lives in the Day of"

2:30-3:30PM Discussion
Moderator: Dana Polan

4:00-5:00PM Mary Ann Doane, "Information, Crisis, Catastrophe"
Lidia Curti, "Fe/male Narratives"

7:30PM Michèle Mattelart, "Audiences et représentation: Notes pour une polémique"
Margaret Morse, "Chronotopes of Television: The Magazine, The Freeway"


Center for 21st Century Studies

Merry Wiesner-Hanks


Mary Ann Doane presenting her talk, "Information, Crisis, Catastrophe"

Thursday, April 14
9:00-10:00AM Jane Feuer, "People Meters and Positioned Subjects: The Construction of Audiences"
Ondina Fachel Leal, "Popular Taste and Erudite Repetoire: The Plae and Space of Television"

10:30-12:00 James Collins, "Watching Ourselves Watch Television"
Andrew Tolson, "On Public Record: Television, Representation, and the Interview"
Lynn Spigel, "Television in the Family Circle, 1948-55"

2:00-3:00PM Issues to be Addressed in Panels: Mimi White, Pamela Falkenberg, James Schwoch

3:00-6:00PM Panels

Panel on Representation:
Richard Campbell, "Centering the Audience: Narrative Maps in 60 Minutes"
Lynne Joyrich, "Television/Gender/Postmodernism: Contradictions in Max Headroom and Pee-Wee's Playhouse"
Hilary Radner, "'I'm worth it.': The Shrew and the Cover Girl: Moonlighting and Feminine Enuncation"
Carole-Anne Tyler, "Representing Femininity: Transvestism, Transsexualism, and the Renee Richards Story"

Panel on Audience
Connie Balides, "Television and Memory"
Charlotte Brundson, "Gender, Genre, and Audience"
Laura Goostree, "The Space of Wild Intertextuality: Toward an Audience-based Television Aesthetic"
Glenn Hendler, "'None of What You Are Seeing is Actually Happening': Simulated Responses to Nuclear Catastrophe in Two TV Movies"

Panel on Industry
Ana Lopez, "Beyond the Postmodernist Problematic: TV in Cuba"
Brian Nienhaus, "Beyond Medium and Text: Commodity Relations"
Thomas Streeter, "Commercial Television and the State: Broadcast Policy and the Contradictions of Liberal Political Discourse"
William Uricchio, "The Transmissions in Search of an Audience: The Contradictions of Early German Television"

8:00PM Counterpoint: The Politics of Art
Doug Hall, Chip Lord

Friday, April 15
9:30-11:00AM William Boddy, "The Seven Dwarves and the Money Grubbers: The Public Relations Crises of American Television in the Late 1950s"
Douglas Gomery, "Hollywood and Television"

1:30PM Counterpoint: The Art of Politics
Judith Barry, DeeDee Halleck, Annie Goldson
Discussants: Robert C. Allen, Jane Gaines, John Fiske, H.U. Gumbrecht, Robert Deming, Eileen Meehan, Brian Winston

DeeDee Halleck



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