Discourses of the Emotions
April 19-21, 1990

Thursday, April 19
1:30-3:30 Kathleen Woodward: Introduction
Meaghan Morris, "Ecstasy and Economics: A Portrait of Paul Keating"

4-6 Panel: Cultural Studies
Lynne Joyrich, "Going Through the E/Motions: Gender, Postmodernism, and Affect in Television Studies"
Gloria-Jean Masciarotte, "The Sire of the Ugly Woman: Nineteenth-Century Sensationalism and the Dysfunction of the Emotions"
Rey Chow, "Revolution as Commodity and Commodity as Revolution: The Emotions of Contemporary Chinese Popular Music"
Introduction: Andrew Martin

7:30 Screening: Pink Flamingos

Friday, April 20
Panel: Public Emotions
Murray Schwartz, "Postures of Triumph"
Virginia Carmichael, "Death by Text: The Work on Ethel Rosenberg"
Ed Cohen, "POLITICAL (E)MOTION: Of Movements and Affect(ion)s. A Ramble"
Introduction: Patrice Petro

Patrice Petro introducing the "Public Emotions" panel

11:30-1 Herbert Blau, "The Surpassing Body: Emotional Memory in the Ideology of Desire"
Introduction: Gregory Jay

Gregory Jay

2:30-4:30 Panel: Mourning
Kathleen Woodward, "Freud and Barthes: Theorizing Mourning, Sustaining Grief"
Mitchell Breitwieser, "The Great Gatsby: The Refusal of Mourning"
Juliana Schiesari, "Appropriating the Work of Women's Mourning: On Some Affective Consequences of the Italian Renaissance"
Introduction: Kathleen Kirby

Kathleen Woodward, Mitchell Breitwieser, and Juliana Schiesari

5-6:30 Marjorie Garber, "Qué es más macho?: Adulation, Star Quality, and the Transvestite Continuum"
Introduction: Gwynne Kennedy

Saturday, April 21
10:00-12 Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Michael Moon, "Divinity: A Little-Understood Emotion"
Introduction: Thomas Piontek

2-3:30 Susan Stewart, "Anxiety and Authenticity"
Introduction: Marcus Bullock

Marcus Bullock

4-6 Panel: Anxiety
Calvin Thomas, "Excorporation, Anxiety, and the Narrative of Masculine Violence"
Robin Pickering-Iazzi, "Unseduced Mothers: The Resisting Female Subject and Male Anxiety in Italian Popular Culture of the 1920s and 30s"
Patricia Mellencamp, "Crisis and Compulsion: Life after Betty Ford"
Introduction: Kathleen Woodward

Calvin Thomas, Robin Pickering-Iazzi, and Patricia Mellencamp

Discussants: Valie Export, Jane Gallop, Elizabeth Grosz, Gabriele Schwab, Madelon Sprengnether, Lynn Worsham
Special Guests: Susan Bernstein, Sidney Bremer, Teresa Brown, Pamela Caughie, Betsy Draine, Judith Kegan Gardiner, Claudia Johnson

Herbert Blau


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