the Center's past directors

Since 1968, the Center for 21st Century Studies has had eight directors, each of whom left a distinguished legacy. Listed below are the previous directors of the Center.

Robert Roeming, 1968-74
Michel Benamou, 1974-78
Mark Krupnick, 1978-79

Thomas Ewens, 1979-81
Kathleen M. Woodward, 1981-00
Kristie Hamilton, 2000-02
Daniel J. Sherman, 2002-08
Merry Wiesner-Hanks, 2006-07 (interim); 2008-09

1968: The Center's Founding

The 1970s: Film, Performance Language and Technology

The 1980s: Feminism, Modernism, and Culture

The 1990s: Culture, Aesthetics, Aging and Animals

2000 to present




Center for 21st Century Studies

Merry Wiesner-Hanks

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