and the Body
24-26 April 1997
The conference will take up the social and cultural ramifications of reproductive technologies and end-of-life technologies: two areas of rapid medical progress that have recently sparked much creative work across the humanities and social sciences. Scholars from anthropology, cultural and literary studies, history, film, bioethics, and medicine will address how new and emerging medical technologies are recasting the central debates in our society about the authority of scientific medicine, the personal and political control of the body, and the appropriate relationships between technology, natural processes, and social life.
Paul Brodwin (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Lisa Cartwright (Univ. of Rochester)
Thomas Csordas (Case Western Reserve)
Richard Doyle (Pennsylvania State)
Gillian Goslinga (UC, Santa Cruz)
Deborah Grayson (Univ. of Rochester)
Donald Joralemon (Smith)
Hannah Landecker (MIT)
Thomas Laqueur (UC, Berkeley)
Mary Mahowald (Univ. of Chicago)
Patricia Marshall (Loyola, Chicago)
Robert M. Nelson (Medical College of Wisconsin)
Panivong Norindr (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Susan Squier (Pennsylvania State)
Janelle Taylor (Univ. of Chicago)
Jose Van Dijck (Univ. of Maastricht, Netherlands)
Angela Wall (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Michael M.J. Fischer (MIT)
Helen Longino (Univ. of Minnesota)
Special Presentations
Eric Avery (artist/psychiatrist, Univ. of Texas Medical Branch)
Alice Wexler (author of Mapping Fate, UCLA)
Paul Brodwin, Conference Organizer

Kathleen Woodward, Director of the Center
Carol Tennessen, Conference Coordinator

The conference on Biotechnology, Culture, and the Body was sponsored by the Center for Twentieth Century Studies, College of Letters and Science, with support from the Graduate School, the Department of Anthropology, the UWM Art Museum, the Center for Women's Studies, and the Friends of the Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. World Wide Web:; Phone: (414) 229-4141; Fax: (414) 229-5964; Email:
  Background image: Eric Avery
"Skin of My Mother," 1996