Knowing Mass Culture / Mediating Knowledge

Conference Organizer: Lynne Joyrich

This conference will focus on the production of knowledge within global media culture. It will consider not only how scholars have come to know media culture, but how media and mass cultural forms have themselves instituted various forms of knowledge. It will explore how print, film, television, and electronic cultures have generated particular ways of knowing, with their own epistemological and pedagogical practices, standards of evidence and authority, operations of perception and cognition, truths and blindspots. How have popular media forms and genres shaped our ways of thinking, including our ways of thinking about mass culture itself? To frame an encounter between academic knowledges of mass-mediated culture and media culture's own epistemological objects and procedures—to consider not just how we think about popular media but how we think through them—the conference will bring together those who study popular narratives and genres, film, television, and new technologies with media practitioners in those fields (film and video producers, interactive media artists, web and video game designers).

Rachel Adams
Paula Amad
Mark Amerika

Jack Bratich
Susan Burgess
John Caldwell
Elizabeth Coffman
Lawrence Cohen
Roderick Coover
Susan Courtney
David Crane
John Di Stefano
Richard Dienst
Mary Ann Doane
M. Flanagan
Bernard Gendron
Michelle Glaros
Jill Godmilow
Herman Gray
Mark Hansen
Amelie Hastie
Gina Hausknecht
James Hay

Ken Hillis

Lynne Joyrich
Cheryl Knott Malone
Robert McChesney
Patricia Mellencamp
Constance Penley

James Schwoch
Mehdi Semati
Mimi White

Mark Williams
Stephen Wilson

Special presentation by filmmaker Todd Haynes