art courtesy of Lane Hall and Lisa Moline

Representing animals

a conference at the

Center for Twentieth Century Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
april 13-15, 2000

Nigel Rothfels and andrew Isenberg, Conference Organizers

By tracing how animals have been represented in different contexts and by different practices over the course of the last two centuries, this conference will explore the connections between our understandings of animals and the historical and cultural con ditions in which these understandings have been formed. The conference will move from discussions of the material presence of animals–of the changing place of animals in urban spaces and modern sensibilities, for example–to explorations of how contemporary media culture is shaping our fundamental cultural expectations of animals, of ourselves, and of our environments.

Special Presentation by
Jane Goodall
Made possible by UWM Union Programming and Union Sociocultural Programming, the Office of the Chancellor, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee County, and the Jane Goodall Institute


Mark Alvey (The Field Museum)
Steve Baker (University of Central Lancashire)
Mary Benbow (University of Manitoba)
Charles Bergman (Pacific Lutheran University)
Marcus Bullock (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Jonathan Burt (Cambridge, UK)
Yoram Carmeli (University of Haifa)
Cynthia Chris (University of California, San Diego)
Cecelia Condit (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Lisa Coulthard (University of Toronto)
Janet Davis (University of Texas at Austin)
Jane Desmond (University of Iowa)
Helene Dwyer (
University of Wisconsin–Baraboo/Sauk County)
Elizabeth Frank (Marquette University)
Erica Fudge (Middlesex University)
Katherine Grier (University of South Carolina, Columbia)
Lane Hall (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Masumi Iriye (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Andrew Isenberg (Princeton University)
Kathleen Kete (Trinity College)
Alphonso Lingis (Pennsylvania State University)
Garry Marvin (University of Surrey Roehampton)
Susan McHugh (Michigan State University)
Robert McKay (University of Sheffield)
Clay McShane (Northeastern University)
Brett Mizelle (University of Minnesota)
Frank Noelker (University of Connecticut)
Jennifer Price (Los Angeles)
Walter Putnam (University of New Mexico)
Karen Rader (Sarah Lawrence College)
Alan Read (University of Surrey Roehampton)
Louise Robbins (Wisconsin academy Review)
Sheila Roberts (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Nigel Rothfels (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Stephanie Rowe (University of Oregon)
Jo-ann Shelton (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Joel Snyder (University of Chicago)
Karen Warren (Macalester College)
Andrzej Wisniewski (Brussels, Belgium)
Paul Young (Georgia Institute of Technology)